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    Counterfeit check scam, FROM SOMEONE I KNEW!!!

    I'm seeking help in this matter, hopefully someone can help me. I live in New York, and I had a friend, or acquaintance that I new in Atlanta. He's from Brooklyn. Through my instant messenger, he asked if I knew of anyone who could do some work part time for him. He said the IRS had frozen his accounts because he was being audited and that he needed to cash some checks to pay bills. He said the checks were from tenants of his that he had to settle n court with. He agreed to give me 10% for my efforts. I agreed, needing some extra money to buy furniture. He deposited the checks in Atlanta, and they were available the same day. He told me the first deposit was of money orders. His brother then comes to pick up the cash. This is thousands of dollars. Some time goes by and he asks me to do the same thing again. He puts it in, and when I go to the bank, the teller tells me the check had not actually cleared. I call him to let him know that I couldn't get the money out. I return to the bank the next day withdraw the funds since, once again, my account showed it as available. The teller gets the teller from the day before and she explains that the check still had not really cleared. I asked how long it usually takes, and they said a few days. This time however, she takes the hold off the check and allows me to take the money. Being that I knew the check had not cleared, I called the "friend" and let him know I would hold on to the funds until I could be sure the check had cleared. The next day, a friday, he calls to ask about the funds. I call my bank to verify the check had cleared. I even asked if it had cleared through the clearing house yet. The phone rep said it had. After that I let him know that he can have his brother pick up the funds. I do not have a receipt for this transaction, but I at least have a witness to it.

    I did not find out until Monday morning that the first set of checks were returned. After a couple of calls to my bank (WAMU) I learned the checks were fraudulent. At first I had not realized what happened, so I tried to reach my "friend" and his brother desperately. Of course neither responded. I now know that I was victim of counterfeit check fraud. This is so fresh that I haven't even received the checks in the mail yet. I called WAMU this morning to get a fraud report started and they are sending me an affidavit.

    My hope now is that someone can give me some advice. I'm trying to compile all the info I can on him. His name, which I hope I have to correct last name, the names of his businesses in Atlanta, our IM conversations, and even their myspace pages. I know some of the info may be useless, but I'm doing all I can. I know should have been more careful, but I'm in this now and I'm looking for ways to solve the problem.

    This is a little different than the usual scams since:

    1. I actually know the person in question, and its not from a random job offer.

    2. I did not deposit the checks myself, they were deposited by him (or maybe an associate, who knows) in Atlanta.

    3. Since I used my debit card and pin to make the withdrawals, that should be proof that I did not physically deposit the checks myself

    4. Unfortunately, I was dealing with cash.

    Again, please let me know if you can give me advice as far as lawyers, dealing with the bank, etc. It will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Counterfeit check scam, FROM SOMEONE I KNEW!!!

    At the very least hopefully the bank can work with you and that they have already secured your account against any further third party actions. Suggest seeing your local law enforcement and filing charges.
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