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    International Tree Club

    Has any one else been scammed by Kevin Thomas, who I learned later is actually Lloyd B Sharp? Read the following links; http://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/comp18140.htm

    Then I found the videos at the following;

    The I found the follwing listing in Google...
    "-1- 06/0607 Securities Fraud Professionals Jayne W. Barnard
    So, consider the story of. 50. Lloyd Benton Sharp, a man whose frauds have moved with the times. In 1983, Sharp. was selling unregistered promissory notes, ...
    papers.ssrn.com/sol3/Delivery.cfm/SSRN_ID991966_code270240.pdf?abstractid=991966&mirid=1 "

    Although the link does not actually open the document, the listing by this college professor who actually did a paper on this man got me very interested. Why do you ask? Because between myself and 4 other friends I have we have over 12 "shares" in their Paulonia tree project where we were promised a return from each of our $7,000 shares. Now the shares are much more money.

    But Sharp's web sites are gone, there is no answer to my mail (they are returned) and there appears to be no valid e-mail address I can find.

    I have contacted the SEC but they only indicated that they are 'aware' of him and his latest things including some bio-fuel sceem.

    Can anyone help me get in contact with Thomas (or whatever name he is using).

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    Re: International Tree Club

    Not too sure why this site shortens the address to the story about him. Here is is again http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.c...ract_id=991966

    As for other info, I found a site using the same information. It's called AAAmark.com ("mark" sounds correct as that is what we have all become). They are somehow connected to International Tree Club. It is Club 120 Resports and this site is owned by a Dewey Hayes. He has a history on the internet as well.

    Does that help anyone put this together?

    Any truth to the rumor that California AG's office is now involved?

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    Re: International Tree Club

    I know several other people that have been taken by this man. We are not happy and planning on doing something about it. Would like to hear from others so we can all unite.

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