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    Best Furniture Cent.online/virtual ast. ~Scam~

    I happen to run across this job in a local newspaper for an online/virtual assistant with an alleged business called " Best Furniture Center"
    A few friends of mine told me about it and I decided to see what this was all about. So I applied for this job and it's as I thought nothing more that another scam.

    The individual states their name is James Crane , Chairman/CEO and here is a copy of what the response is when you apply:

    Thanks for your response to the posting...
    We are looking towards employing a work at home,financial assistant/secretary who'll handle billing and handle a full inventory of monthly billings,payments and keep records of all activities routed through him/her
    I own http://Bestfc.homestead.com/ where we sell our brand of hand-made Interior furnitures online.I need a company assistantant/secretary to help small scale payments,live help for customers and keep records of transactions going on,we have a secretary doing this but we need to relieve her of the post due to inefficiency and low work output.I have to be very mobile,as i need to import and export a lot of furnishing materials as the best of them are actually produced in Europe.
    We sell products mostly here in US and in Canada plus some other developing counrty and most of the buyers we work with are those we've previously handled successful transactions with plus new buyers are verified and confirmed before any transaction is made, you have nothing to worry about. The real ideal is, you receive the payment from buyers according to their preferred mode of payments directly from the individual buyer, in your mail and have them cashed at your bank,deduct your pay which is 8% of any fund you received and have the balance sent to the company direct or any of our vendor's if need be.The best form of payment is via a traveler checks and money orders as they are readily available and since payments come from a wide range of consumers these means is an easy option for those that prefer the old fashioned cash means and money order way of transaction.
    All charges during cashing,sending of payments and transaction completion will be deducted from the balance after you've gotten your pay and not deducted from your pay so your pay is fixed on the amount cashed per transaction. You can handle as many as 3 transactions per week,but you'll be handling one(1) initially to see how efficiently and how quickly you can carry out the completion. On 3 transactions you're sure of nothing less than $500 weekly.The hours are flexible and you can decide when you want to work as what you'll be doing initially is cashing the payments and completing the transaction to the supplier/vendor.I don't need you online 24/7, just to be online on a daily basis and to at least check your e-mail regularly and you do not need any capital to start as you don't pay me a cent to start and all taxes related issues will be taken care by the company on a quaterly basis.
    You can do the Work easily without leaving or affecting your present Job as I require that applicant only have easy access to the net,be reachable easily and respond/carry out instructions sent as soon as possible.The employees who make efforts and work hard have A Strong Possibility to become a partner with us. Anyway our employees never leave us.
    Looking forward to hear from you and kindly indicate your interest in the position by sending me your full contact details in this format...
    Full Names...
    Physical Address,City,State,Zip code...
    Cell Number,Home Number...
    Email Address(Pry & Sec)...

    James crane.

    After reading this email I asked a few questions of this individual and was floored! However, some of my friends fell for this.
    They received money orders that were delivered by UPS in amounts such as 640.00 with no name on them.
    Here is another copy of an email one of my friends forwarded to me that pretained to the money orders she received with supposed instructions of what she was to do with them:

    The transaction has been completed and the payment will be delivered to your residence Today.I should have sent you this earlier but never the less you have it now.If you have any questions please email me but it's simple enough as i have just broken it down.
    Here's the cashing details and info on how you'll complete this transaction.I would like you to go over to your bank to complete the transaction when you received it .The payment's either Blank Walmat Money gram Money Order or ALBERTSON Money gram Money Order,you pen your name,address and sign on it.I specifically had the buyers buy these types cause I know they are easily cash able,they are everywhere plus they have been pre-bought with cash so you have nothing to worry about in the area of insufficient funds or other.I specifically requested all payments be in this form for all our sakes mine,yours and the buyer's.Simply go over to your bank after you have pen your name,address and signature,tender it and have it cashed,It'll be cashed instantly.Once cashed,deduct your pay as agreed,you will be sending the balance via Western Union to my vendor,he's to handle the remaining parts of the transaction.PLEASE SPECIFY AT WESTERN UNION TO PAY THE RECEIVER IN US DOLLARS.

    Go over to the nearest Western union location and send to
    First name...Emerari
    Middle name...Aracelis
    Last name...Jose
    State...Monsenor Nouel
    Country...Dominican Republic

    When the receiver wants to pick up the money,Western union will simply send the money to his Country,state and city so he can easily walk into any western union location and pick up with his ID(License or Passport).Deduct the amount used to transfer the money from the balance after you have removed/deducted your own pay.Just as we agreed your take is 8% of the transaction received.So your pay is fixed no matter how much you use to complete the transaction.

    Once the money's sent please send me the following infos...

    a. Your full names and address exactly how you wrote it on the western union slip.
    b. The receiver's name exactly how you penned it down on the western union slip.
    c. The total amount sent(Amount receivable by the receiver).
    d. MTCN number(This is the 10 digit number for receiving funds,it is not the receipt number)

    I will be waiting on your email,complete with the transfer details ,please get to it as soon as you can this morning,the transaction has to be fully complete as soon as possible.

    James crane.
    We have more transactions to go.

    Needless to say I told her NOT to cash those money orders at her bank! They were fake and she could end up in a horrible situation.

    I am posting this in hopes that it will keep others from falling into this trap of yet another scam on the internet/newspaper ads.

    This individual is still posting jobs in the help wanted sections at sites such as indeed , hotjobs, helpwantedboston.com,targetjobs.com and I am sure many more sites.

    The website that this individual is using is hosted by Homestead to get people thinking it's a real business.

    I done some research using the address that the individual is using and found that the address being used is for another "real" business located in Seattle, WA !!

    I called the business and asked them if they were hiring online/virtual assistants and was told no. I then went on to tell them why I was asking. The rep. told me to hold on she wanted me to speak with their president/manager.

    After speaking with the President/manager and them following along with me on the internet they were in shock! Someone was using their address and had also stolen pictures from their furniture catolog and using it on the website!

    Please beware of this scam and do not fall for it. I honestly don't know what this individual is getting out of this especially if no one cashes the money orders or cashiers checks.

    I just wanted to let others know about this and again hope that by passing this news on, it will prevent someone from losing money & being scammed.

    Take care everyone & stay alert scams are everywhere!!

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    Re: Best Furniture Cent.online/virtual ast. ~Scam~

    Thanks for posting this. It is a good example of how money processing scams work.

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    Re: Best Furniture Cent.online/virtual ast. ~Scam~

    I am glad to inform others of cases like this. Here is an update on this oldie but come back scam...

    Since this occured I have been looking online and still finding that this individual is posting jobs in job data banks.

    I've also been informing such sites that this individual is a con-artist and the job is a scam.

    Some of the sites has removed the ad from their help wanted/job listings. So I feel that is an accomplishment.

    I personally realize that this individual con-artist want stop. And will change their name to some other alias and continue to con/scam honest people who are truly seeking work at home jobs.

    Nevertheless as long as we take the time to report and inform others it will make a difference. Even the smallest effect can make a huge impact on situations like this.

    Again I hope that this information will help others to be aware and always stay alert.

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    Re: Best Furniture Cent.online/virtual ast. ~Scam~

    Please pass this on to anyone you know who is seeking a work from home job. The fraudulant/scam work from home job listings with Best furniture center James Crane chairman/ceo .

    The money orders that were sent from this con-artist were retreived and the authorities informed us that those money orders were the best counterfeit money orders theyd' seen in a while!!

    Please beware.

    Apparently the new thing is con-artist are obtaining employment with companies/business' that sale money orders ie Walgreens, Rite Aide etc. and then stealing the blank money orders from the company/business

    Again I personally am not sure what someone could even do with that, but I am sure that the street smart con-artist knows.

    If anyone here goes to other message boards please I ask that you pass this on. I hate the thought that honest people are looking for true work at home jobs and end up in situations that are nothing more than hell for them.

    Even more so just the thought that it takes only a few minutes, couple of emails to dig yourself a hole . And at the end of the day it'll take what seems like a lifetime to find your way out of being scammed.

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