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    I had my baby shower almost a year ago and got many presents from Sears. Since I ended up getting tons of clothes for my baby in the same size I went and return some of it to get bigger sizes, etc. I did not get any receipts ffrom the people who gave me the presents. After 3 returns they said that I couldn't return anything else. Recently, my husband got a present for Father's day from a friend, but it's not his size. They refused to return it and gave us a real hard time. The manager said that we had to call a certain number and when I called they said that the manager was the one who had to fix the problem. We went back to the manager and she just gave me another number. No one returned the shirt and it doesn't fit my husband. All they said was that people need to give out gift receipts with their presents. However, I can't control the fact that most people don't give out gift receipts. I feel that is unfair that I have to be punished for this. We are stuck with a really cute shirt that it's just too big. I will definitely not buy anyone a present from Sears. Most people are not aware of this Sears policy which is extremely unfair for people who receive presents and did not get a gift receipt. They are punishing innocent people!!!!!!

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    Re: Sears

    So they're unfair because they refuse to give you cash without a receipt? This is a pretty standard rule in retail.

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    Re: Sears

    No, they refused to change the shirt for a smaller size!!!!

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    Re: Sears

    You are giving this board a bad name! You don't like their return policies, so you start yelling "SCAM!" A bad attitude does not constitute a scam!

    It IS inconsistent to allow returns on some things without a receipt and then quit doing it after a while, but why don't you go to the person who gave you the gift and tell them that you need to exchange it. They probably have the receipt and can help make it happen.


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