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    "Work At Home Jobs"

    Have seen quite a few individuals seeking such work. With high fuel prices this is ever more understandable. As well with handicapped people and people that live in remote areas.
    However, motivation for work from this standpoint should not be determined by mere personal ease and convience. Many people think that this is an ideal situation from the standpoint that they don't have to go through all the other fuss and bother that people that go to work outside of teh home have to. I wont go into this, as with most everyone these circumstances are well-known and obvious.
    But, staying at home and performing reliable and dependable work task for others in a professional, disciplined and dedicated manner is quite a responsibility and a challenge.
    Mothers with children, where they think that if they stay at home with the children they wont have to deal with putting them in "day-Care", can be closer to the children and so on. Well, in order to work at home and do the job dependably and properly as the person hiring someone would expect and desire; ALL home life distractions have to be absolutely avoided. That is the Kids, Personal Telephone Calls, not indulging in personal visits with others, avoiding that burning desire to watch that particular daytime Soap Opera or Talk show that you miss at work and others tell you about. Overall, a rigid and disciplined attitude regarding the work to be performed and daily established hours to do so, as one would in an established office setting.
    These are the challenges. One has to avoid the over-all idea of leisure as a primary motivation in work at home.
    Considering all of this, here are a couple of suggestions that people that would like to work at home or avoid a typical every day office setting with its politics and prejudices, whatever, that people would like to avoid.

    - At home [in their home] care of Senior/Elderly People. Take some first aid courses which include C.P.R. and Geriatric [Elderly People] considerations. Also read up on good nutrition. You ust have a positive outlook regarding people, meaning that you really like people and have no innate prejudice regarding older peole. This service can be extended to handicapped and otherwise physically affected people, such as "Downs-Syndrome" [Mongoloid] affilicted indivduals. WIth these cases, one should study regarding the circumstances of these individual's affliction perior to taking on such responsibilites. Your local Library and College/University Librarys are a good resource for this information.

    - If you can drive; establishing a transportation service to and from medical clinics and doctor's office and nursing homes and the likes for people that cannot drive or do not have transportation. Some of the people using this service can charge it off to medical insurance. Otherwise, there is still a need. It is a personal service where you pick them up at the intake site and deliver them to a designated destination. Therefore it is somewhat a "Custom Service" and can be therefore so charged for. I would suggest at present $25.00 one-way; $40.00 round trip. That is if you pic them up, take them to a particular destination and are scheduled to later picke them up. You can include several other indivdual persons at various pickup and destination points, as long as you are able to maintain the comfort of every indivdual and satisfy each individual's personal requirements for where they have to be and be picked up at scheduled times. I think in most cities you are required to have a Chaffuer's License. In out of town and rural areas you can probably get around this requirement. PErhaps even in the city, if you are willing to risk avoiding this requirement. However, Taxi companies and so on might find out and make trouble. An addtional consideration is that you are required to have proper insurance coverage for ANY passangers you have in your vehicle to insure injusry coverage for them, in the event of an accident.

    - Running Errands for people. Many people require, have the need for someone to Grocery Shop for them, pick up Children at School or some other place, pick up some item from a print shop and a multitude of other Courier or pick-up and delivery services. You can typically do this with a small, economical auto and charge accordijg to distance and time involved. Grocery shopping from a list, with time expended, auto fuel and distance. Typically $25.00 per occasion for a shopping visit which last, overall one hour. Other Courier service task, you will have to make up you own schedule of rates. Do this with someone that you feel has good judgement and experience in the business world.

    These are just some of the ideas of possibilities you can try. I will try and post more later. In the meantime, I invite anyone else that wants to help out people looking to do this, whatever positive, helpful ideas, suggestions that you have in this regard. Please go ahead and post them.

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    Re: "Work At Home Jobs"

    Another possibility for "work at home" is if you are a good typist and have good grammar and so on you can advertise to take on comissions [assignements] from college students, Doctors and the likes to type up Term Papers, Thesis and Medical reports. Charge by per sheet of total amount of sheets in a complete item. Charge will include printer ink, paper, your time and a fraction for printer "wear and tear".

    Away from home, but "still your own boss" are; House-Cleaning, House Setting and Caring for animals while people are away. Not necessarily staying at the house in this regard, but just going by to give food, water and brief company; taking outside for "exercise". As well, dog-walking.

    It is good to be inventive, self-motivated and resourceful as well as honesty, trustworthiness and dependability and have a good positive attitude. No work or occupation is going to "fall into your lap" - that means that you just have such desire, but do nothing about it. Nothing happens of course.
    Lazy people or those that make excuses as to why they cannot find work - that is exactly whre they will remain.
    You have to let peope know that you want/need work. Most people appreciate and respect those that want to work and that will do so at reasonable cost. But that doesn't mean that you should work on "on the cheap". Establishing prices for your services, labor should be well thought out - discussed with others that you trust regarding advice. Also, some rapport, discussion with customers. There are some individuals that are cheap by their nature - want someone to do something for them for little or nothing - usually, very little short of nothing; they want to pay "something". Once this is determined, just reasonably excuse yourself and move on.
    If you take on an assignment from someone, regardless of the job/work and they prove to be the type that wants to continually "add on" to the task initally discussed and no indication on their part of willingness to pay additional, stop them right there and tell them when you are finished with the work and price initially agreed upon that you wil mutually discuss the dditional work desired.

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