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    Campden Research / CRTI / ACCRE

    Hi, I don't have much experience with scams, but I haven't found these companies mentioned in many places, so I am trying to make others aware of my observations so they don't fall into this trap. That seems to be all I can do since the BBB, IC3 and TX Attorney Generals don't seem to want to do anything about it. If anyone knows what else I can do to try to shut down these companies, please let me know!

    I am seeking a job and have put my resume up in various locations, so I wasn't surprised when Campden Research Center (CRC; campdenresearch.com) contacted me inviting me to apply for a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) position in their company. They claim to have offices in many major cities throughout the world and US.

    After applying I was informed that I did not have enough knowledge of clinical trial policies and procedures and I was directed to participate in any CRA training program to fill these gaps in my experience, although the only one that was specifically referenced was the CRA Training Institute (CRTI; crtionline.com). I was also informed that full scholarships were available for the CRTI training program and also linked to the CRC scholarship application for this course.

    I was awarded a partial $670 scholarship to the CRTI program, which costs $1650. At this point I started to become suspicious. "All I needed to do" was take this course and I was virtually assured an interview for a CRA job in New York City, and the program seemed awful easy, but now I was being asked to pay $980.

    I started looking around and first found very little information about CRC. Although there are several companies by the name of Campden Research, I was unable to find much info on this particular company, which seemed odd with their supposed global setup.

    Next I looked at CRTI. They claim to have been around since 1989 and associated with several other larger CRA training programs that I believe to be real. These larger programs all require actual class time and tests and all kinds of things you would consider for an honest training program. CRTI only offers powerpoint slides. Also, these larger programs seemed to have no reference to CRTI on their websites. CRTI also claimed that their program to be accredited by ACCRE (accre-accredit.org), a company supposed to be around since 1965, but Google can find only accre.com and CRTI. This seemed highly suspicious, and none of the other accredidation firms or training programs had information on this company, either.

    Having learned these suspicious facts, I contacted CRC again (my contact of course was very happy to reply quickly to all my questions before), but now I asked about the relationship with CRTI and CRC's history (since none was available) and suddenly my contact didn't feel like talking anymore. I had my brother in NYC check out their "eastern US headquarters" in NYC, but the building management had never even heard of the company, let alone rented to them. My brother also tried calling CRC repeatedly and finally got someone on the phone, who he said sounded like "some guy on a cell phone outside." The call was cut short after my brother tried to confirm the location of the NYC office.

    I also learned from someone else on another message board who paid the fee and took the course that once they completed it and went back to CRC they were told that they lack the necessary 2 years of on-the-job experience. I looked at other available CRA jobs on monster.com, etc, and found that they do indeed require additional experience.

    So, basically, what I learned is CRC will nearly promise jobseekers a job in a building it doesn't inhabit if you pay another company $980 to take a course that is accredited by a company that only bothers to accredit one program, but then refuse you an interview for reasons never mentioned before. These three companies claim to be more than they are, multinational and established, and provide a service that is essentially worthless since I believe no one else would recognize the training, and experience is required anyway.

    Beware, and I hope someone has a suggestion for actually dealing with this scam. At the very least, I hope I helped someone avoid this one.

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    Re: Campden Research / CRTI / ACCRE

    you helped me. a few months ago i looked into traveling temp med techs and found campden research. i had an old email from them in my inbox and messaged them so they emailed me a preinterview questionairre. apart from the form not being secure the whole website is fishy. the design is really strange. like an open book with tanned pages and there is a picture of a futuristic metallic building. also they list their associates and there are about 100 but between every five there is an ad. so, i was suspicious. plus they didn't respond to my question (do you care that i am not certified? most people do.)

    anyway, i suspected as much. thank you for the information on what their scam is really about. i'm glad i didn't get my hopes up with these jerks. thanks.

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    Re: Campden Research / CRTI / ACCRE

    An update:

    The BBB's standard 22-day window for a company's response to my complaints has closed. The BBB has this to say about these businesses:

    CRC: Rated as "no rating" because my complaint is "unpursuable," meaning the address that CRC uses does not exist or is not connected to the company and phone calls and other communications have not been returned.

    CRTI: Rated as unsatisfactory due to my complaint being completely ignored by the company.


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