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Thread: Kaeser & Blair

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    Kaeser & Blair

    Does anybody have any experience with Kaeser & Blair ? I am considering starting a business offering their products and I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with them. I am also curious as to how good a salesman you have to be to be successful in this field. Since I'm not the type of person that could "sell ice to eskimos" that could be an issue. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Kaeser & Blair

    I haven't heard of them but if you don't feel confident in selling their products it's probably not the right business for you.

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    Re: Kaeser & Blair

    This is the first time I have heard of them, but after a little research I don't see any major "red flags". They have a bunch of contact phone numbers. Usually the best thing to do is give them a phone call and see what your gut tells you about the company after actually speaking with them.

    I do agree, this is a sales position and if you don't consider yourself a sales person this might not be the best opportunity for you.

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    Re: Kaeser & Blair

    I have been a salesperson in the promotional advertising industry for twelve years, the last four as a dealer of Kaeser & Blair,Inc.

    KB is the 18th largest distributor in the industry ( out of @ 15000). KB has been in business since 1894. They maintain a D&B 5A1 credit rating ( the best).

    You succeed in this industry( a $19.6 billion industry) by helping clients with their branding and marketing goals. You earn commissions from the sales you make. If you treat your clients well, they repeat doing business with you. Strong relationships are key to one's success.

    KB is far from a scam. If you would like additional info, a potential mentor, and advice from one of the top 2% dealers in the country, please contact me at any time.

    Rob Glessner

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    Re: Kaeser & Blair

    Hi they are a good
    I use to sell the product
    They offer in the early
    1980,S .
    If u have friends that
    Have business that
    Helps. My mistake was
    Going in to network marketing
    I should of stay with
    Them. K&b been in business a long times
    Call them up and ask your question

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    Re: Kaeser & Blair

    I agree.

    The fact that Kaeser & Blair has been around for over 100 years speaks volumes.

    Having been in the promotional products business for 12 + years, K&B REALLY does stand out.

    One of the MAIN things that brought me to K&B was that they pay EVERY DAY.

    I THINK one of the major drawbacks to sales is when people have to deal with getting paid "when " the client pays OR getting a draw. FOR ME it was not easy, but once I got paid every day I could focus on building my business and I t has grown to the point where I make a great living working at home.

    One other program that K&B offers is the "sub dealer"program. This program allows you to benefit when you find dealers who already sell PP and THEN you convince them to sign under you with K&B.

    I know of one dealer who makes a SIX FIGURE ( that is not a misprint LOL) income off their" sub dealers"

    So far from being a SCAM. K&B has many programs in place to help you make a great income in the PP business.

    IF you would like to talk or further information on the above, PLEASE reach out to me:
    [email protected]


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    Re: Kaeser & Blair

    UPDATE ~ stumbled on this thread that I first posted on back in 2008. I'm still a full-time dealer of K&B and K&B has now surpassed $100 million annual revenue.

    Since this post, I have spoken with countless individuals that wanted more info. A dozen or so actually became dealers. The sad part is none of them have succeeded. The attrition rate is absolutely staggering.

    The common denominator was their inability to prospect...plain and simple.

    So, although K&B is legit, it is up to the individual dealer to take action as it is with any commission sales endeavor. I am still happy to discuss the program with hungry, self-motivated individuals. Yes, it is the real deal.

    Rob Glessner
    Advertising and Branding that lasts...

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