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    Beware of Jen Vickers of St. Michael, MN

    Here are the children's names that Jen Vickers has molested.

    Alex R. of Phoenix,AZ
    He is a 6 year old little boy that Jen molested while visiting friends. They didn't find this out until he started acting out and they took him for counseling.

    Katie of St. Michael, MN
    Katie is a 9 year old girl who lives in St. Michael, MN. She was playing over at Ben and Jen Vickers house when Jen approached her. Ben and Jen wanted to make a video of the girl to sell it. The investigators are VERY aware of this, but won't release much info. due to the investigation.

    Chelsie C. of Saint Michael, MN
    Chelsie is 12 years old. Jen's husband allegedly had intercourse with this young girl while Jen watched. She didn't come forth and tell anyone for a whole year from when it originally happened. They were not able to obtain any DNA from the crime, but investigators are working on this case as we speak.

    These 3 minors have their lives ruined by Jen and Ben Vickers. It is really sad and very sick how anyone would do that to a minor. I have plenty of documentation to show. I also have signed statements from the children's parents. Most of these parents are low class income and can not afford to sue Mr. and Mrs. Vickers for what she has done to their children. I have been speaking with them and have started a charity in the kids names to help put these disturbed white trash people behind bars. At least Trina Kenney is suing them. I can't wait until it all unfolds. Ben and Jen can't even afford attorneys they are so poor. It will be great when they try to show up to court all the way in California without an attorney.

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    Re: Beware of Jen Vickers of St. Michael, MN

    Princessoffishing is Trina Kenney....that has been verified. Please do an internet search on her name and you will see her history of horse sales scams.

    The claims that she has posted here are false. They are birthed from her juvenile neuronal mass and are a retaliation and tantrum, if you will. Her online scam of horse sales is all but shut down thanks to the major equine websites that have refused to carry her ads....a personal thank you to them.

    I am one of a group that has helped to organize her victims and supply them with resources. To this day more victims are contacting us.

    A brief description of her activities:
    This woman, advertises rare registered horses, such as Andalusians, Paso
    Finos, Gypsy Vanners, Cobs, Fresians, Warmbloods and kid-broke ponies.

    Once money has changed hands, even partial payments such as deposits, if she ships a horse, she ships an auction
    horse...often lame, sickly, older than claimed, some have had their hair
    dyed, and definitely not the caliber or breed that the person had
    committed to purchase. If there are health papers sent they are
    doctored. She does not send the registration papers and often says she
    will send them later with the health papers. But as they do not exist,
    the buyer doesn't receive them.

    In addition, the breed registries are
    able to confirm the information Ms. Kenney provided is incorrect. Some
    examples are: the horse Trina advertised is owned by another party and not Ms. Kenney, the horse does not exist at all, or the horse is already
    deceased. Ms. Kenney has been documented using other people’s
    photographs and pedigrees as well.

    She is also documented verbally abusing and threatening anyone that questions her practices, including victims and webmasters of horse sales websites.

    Please post any comments here or feel free to PM me. Also, take a look at awhitehorse(dotcom) for more info.

    Although Trina Kenney's libelous statements are bothersome, they are completely fabricated without one ounce based in truth or fact; They are of little concern.

    It is interesting to me to see more examples of her temperament posted in her own words, and I am confident the authorities find it equally informative. Furthermore, the more she posts about me and the group of people that have helped to prevent more victims of her fraudulent horse sales scams, the more the word gets out to the Horseworld and general public.

    Jen Vickers BSN, RN, PHN

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