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    DO NOT do business with Bighitters.com

    I contacted bighitters.com about their 1-800 Virtual Chatline business opportunity.

    My original inquiry was this:

    "What kind of virtual chat lines do you offer? I have been doing
    15000+ minutes a month for the past 8 years. Just quit utel network when
    they were sold. What bureaus do you work through?"

    I received a response from Mike at bigghitters and his reply was "NO!"

    I sent an email back saying
    "No What? I didn't ask a yes or no question."

    Mike's reply back to me was "JUST STOP IT"

    By now I am like WTF is this guys problem so I sent them another email stating "Can you help me or not. All I want is some information and some numbers I can call and sample myself."

    The next email I got was from someone named Leon and his email stated "please call me directly at 1.888.626.3888 or 619.857.4999 and
    ask to speak only to LEON, look forward to hearing from you, and if you received any other
    emails from my company, ignore them and call me directly."

    After this all took place I began to research bighitters.com on the internet and found several complaints about them.

    I just wanted to share my experience with this company.
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