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    AT&T great scammers

    Watch out when you sign up for AT&T. I bought a blackberry peal and then asked for a 29.99 plan with 9.99 extra for texts. I didn't realize until a few months later that they were charging me for the blackberry plan as well for an additional $29.99. They also told me that I could suspend my account for 6 months a years as I am in the country 6 months and out 6 months--they just didn't tell me that it still incurs the 29.99 per month. I phoned to complain and I couldn't believe the response. They tell "I'm sorry" but don't do anything about it. What ever you do--DON'T go with AT&T!! They are an arrogant company that DOESN'T CARE about the customer!!!

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    Re: AT&T great scammers

    Chatters are growing happier with their overall wireless service, according to a new survey, with Verizon Wireless taking top honors and Sprint slipping into last place among the four big carriers. That said, overall scores for customer satisfaction fell somewhat short of the stratosphere.

    The results come courtesy of the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which rates various industries and companies on a scale of 1 to 100 based on national phone surveys.


    My first cell phone was a Sprint which I owned for
    10 days, cost me only 320 dollars. ;\
    And RIGHT after that, a verizon which I have had for
    12 years, nere a cross word to say about them.
    If I were to switch my only considerations would be At&T
    and T-mobile.

    Sprints service and call drop is horrible.

    I hope this halps someone.


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    Re: AT&T great scammers

    Sorry to hear about your tale of woe with AT&T, that is aweful.


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