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    Re: April47

    I just pulled this from John Councel's website isitapyramid.com

    It nails what nomass & spanky are up to here, pretty much....

    The real question here is not whether MLM (or network marketing) itself is illegal pyramid selling.


    For TWO important reasons, actually.

    Reason # 1

    In any business system where a lot of money can be made especially by twisting the concept or its operation to fool the uninformed or unwary unscrupulous operators often distort or hijack legitimate MLM businesses, or set up scams that they claim are MLM, to deceive and exploit desperate, ignorant, greedy, lazy and gullible people.

    Reason #2

    There are always people who, for their own reasons, accuse MLM of being illegal pyramid selling (amongst other equally unpleasant allegations).

    What you need to examine closely, in both instances, are the MOTIVES of each group. WHY do they do it?

    The first group's motives are easy enough to identify. They're thieves, liars and crooks, basically. Or they're ignorant, gullible stooges of those crooks who don't bother to get the FACTS before they climb on board their deceptive bandwagons.

    They're out to STEAL...

    your money
    your time
    your hope and
    your faith and trust in other people.

    They claim that their activities are MLM because it masks the TRUTH about them. They're no different to unscrupulous political activists who cloak their real agendas in the guise of religion in order to fool the mindless masses looking for an easy way into heaven. In this case, heaven is nothing more than instant, effortless wealth.

    Sorry... there's no back door to heaven or wealth. [u]You have to invest time, effort and self-discipline to realise either vision. (Both are false visions, of course. The only ones who get to realise their own selfish visions in this way are the people running the scams!)[/b]

    The motives of the second group are usually less obvious, but just as predictable.

    The simple truth is that, in the twenty-first century, when we have...

    tough anti-pyramid laws in place in most countries,

    ambitious, empire-building government regulators looking to advance their careers, and

    crusading media "personalities" looking to boost their own profiles, anyone who accuses a legitimate MLM program of being an illegal pyramid scheme does so for one of only three reasons.

    1. Ignorance

    They simply don't know what they're talking about. In their favour, though, most people who don't know the truth rarely make accusations. Instead, they worry about their lack of knowledge and raise questions or concerns. This is not only valid... it's intelligent behaviour. (It's actually the ONLY valid reason of the three.)
    2. Prejudice

    These people don't actually want to know the truth because they've already invested a lot of emotion in what they WANT to be the truth... their own opinions or beliefs. But opinions and beliefs have no connection to FACTS, or they're no longer opinion or belief. They're knowledge.

    They're usually people who have mouthed off, in public, and now have to defend their 100%-emotional positions to the death, or look very stupid.

    Or they're members of the "mediocre majority" who can't bear the thought of anyone else highlighting their own lack of achievement by actually succeeding at something. So they attack that other person and their chosen vehicle to success as a distraction "smoke and mirrors" to divert attention away from their own failures. (Sounds like spanky! - KLH)
    3. Malice

    These people usually know the truth. But, for their own hidden agendas, they spread lies and half-truths in order to advance their own interests. They're the most dangerous of all, because they're seeking to deceive you every bit as much as the fake MLMers are.

    Accusing all MLM opportunities and operators of being illegal pyramid selling because you were ripped off by a scam claiming to be MLM, is no different to accusing all medical professionals of being "quacks" because some "snake-oil peddler" sold you a fake cure, or a seedy faith healer "cured" you for money, but the "healing" didn't last.(Sounds like nomass AND spanky here!- Kerry)

    It's understandable, given the emotional and financial hurt you suffered, but it's illogical, irrational, unreasonable and unreliable.

    What you need, in order to make your own judgement about a particular MLM opportunity, is objective, factual information, insight and understanding.
    You drag your "experts" out, I'll get mine...

    There are good, legitimate Network Marketing companies out there. Nomass & spanky would have you believe otherwise, while ignoring all the facts.

    Kerry Hein:sun_smiley:
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    ~ Susan Kierkegaard

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    Re: April47

    Check out this film:


    I just watched the previews and it is so realistic that it's scary. The film is a comedy, but this is totally a case of art imitating life. If you ever were, or are currently in AMWAY/QUIXTAR - this is the kind of thing that might wake you up to the truth about motivational based MLMs.
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