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    Network Omni Multilingual Communications

    NetworkOmniMultilingual Communications
    NetworkOmni, Inc.
    4353 Park Terrace Drive

    Westlake Village, CA 91361

    I accepted employment with this organization as an over the phone language interpreter. I worked for this company for 4 months and till today I have yet to receive payment for services rendered. Besides myself there are hundreds of other interpreters whom are on the verge of loosing there home, cars, or are in default from with obligations because non of us have been paid.
    I have preformed services for nations 911, kaiser permanente, toyota finacial, bcbs, advise rn program, medical consultation, court room hearings and lots more. the amount owed to me is $8442.00.

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    Re: Network Omni Multilingual Communications

    I also worked for Omni. I was approached by them, I had no idea they even existed!

    The recruiter said that they were having so much work they were in dire need of more interpreters, especially Spanish<>English, it was urgent; this was also expressed in an e-mail urging me to sign the last page and return that to them asap, so I could start working for them.

    The recruiter, Mila Lucich said that the first payment would be after approx. 45 days from invoice date, and the following ones every 30 days.

    The contract, however, said net 60 days after invoice, by then I had already started work for them.

    My first invoice was over January 2008, and according to the 60 day rule in the contract should have been paid on April 5th, 2008. Not a penny in my account!
    I was going to be paid by direct deposit.

    When I started sending e-mails about payment, no answers.
    Then after many e-mails threatening to bring this public, I finally got an e-mail saying that the payment had to be approved, and if it was approved I would be paid the week of April 28th,
    I kept sending e-mails demanding payment. Finally I received payment for my January 2008 invoice on May 5th: 90 days after invoice date!

    I still have two invoices that need to be paid: February and March.

    They are recruiting people, when they KNOW that they are not going to pay the OPIs!

    There are approximately 600 to 700 interpreters who have not been paid!

    We have sent e-mails to Fox News and CNN, Univisión to try to make this public on the national news; we have several places where people post about this problem.

    We also reported it to Ripoff report . com

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    Re: Network Omni Multilingual Communications

    I was hired by Networkomni in October of 2007. During the first week of December, when my first paycheck was due, they suddenly told me that due to serious cash flow problems the company was having my pay would be very late. To make a long story short, ultimately I was paid for Oct - Dec. 2007, although very late. Seeing the handwriting on the wall, I quit at the end of February and I am still owed for January and February.

    I don't know what the company is doing now, but throughout the time I was there, and for at least a year prior to that, it survived based on a revolving-door situation with its contract interpreters, Over and over it brought in people who would stay in good faith until they realized what was happening and left, only to be replaced by a batch of fresh suckers who'd also been sold a bill of goods. Needless to say, Omni's clients are told none of this.

    It is important to get the word out on what Omni is really doing, because we interpreters need allies in this unequal fight. Some people are owed up to $8,000 - 10,000, and some have suffered disastrous consequences due to Omni's non-payment.

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    Re: Network Omni Multilingual Communications

    Whether you got your pay check now?

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    Re: Network Omni Multilingual Communications

    I run a regional Interpreting Agency and need OPI and OnSite interpreters in Utah and New Mexico. In particular I need Vietnamese, Burmese, Korean, Bosnian, French and German. If you are an OPI interpeter or OnSite in the areas listed above please send your contact info and resume to:



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