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    OVERTHROW Government ! DESTROY Law ! USE FORCE !


    What do we think of the following concepts ? ! :

    OVERTHROW Government !
    DESTROY Law !

    ( And please Oh, please DO NOT CALL that old FBI ! )

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    Re: OVERTHROW Government ! DESTROY Law ! USE FORCE

    aH nah that aint gonna work, the trick is to get their leaders out of commission and i mean that literally. Go and read my posts at the Conspiracy forum, because you see, it is the global elites that tell the governmental people what to do and say, the government people like the bush and the chaney are slaves for them, they want to bring in their NEW WORLD ORDER they are the Bilderbergs and or called them the Ruling Elites, Shadow government Global Elites, the Matrix. that is who we got to get rid of.... they selling ILLEGAL DRUGS that is how the global elites make their MAIN INCOME if the people of the USA could stop all their selling of DRUGS, then we could conquer them but looks like that will be an impossible feat, to defeat them. They also control the price of OIL are are making $1.8 Billion or more per day in profits, and bush never talked to that arabian it is all show, because the ELITES tell the Saudis what they have to do and hike up the oil prices and they got to listen or chop chop chop if you know what I mean, we do not have an OIL CRISIS the ELITES know how to control the people so they are controlling us, WE HAVE LOTS OF OIL it is a scam and a hoax.

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    Re: OVERTHROW Government ! DESTROY Law ! USE FORCE

    sounds like a consistent republican plan!?and never forget,the "means" IS the end!?: :spin2: :freak3: hehe!!.....just askn..
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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    Re: OVERTHROW Government ! DESTROY Law ! USE FORCE

    OVERTHROW.....gotta get people out of their comfort zones. Many in that zone in the U.S. Handy to have a catchy ideological slogan or two, a whole portfolio of them in fact. We can't get people to understand how their own government works, let alone the machinations required to replace it. Furthermore, are people desperately poor and hungry enough to lay down their lives at the barricades, whilst well fed feds deal out retribution in the form of explosive rounds from a rifle?...Brings to mind a parody of a Little River Band song

    "Statue of Liberty,
    Standing in the harbor,
    This is America,
    We couldn't be both-ered...."

    You may well need to bring on another succession crisis so that you can openly divide the people into two political camps that are actually different.

    DESTROY....With what? Despite having multiple weapons per head of population, it's questionable whether the average Joe actually knows how to use them. The modern battlefield does not tolerate a lot of movement from one place to another, and it is unlikely that a group of civilians would be any match for even moderately equipped troops....besides...it would boil down to accessability of ammunition supply and rations. Once the shooting starts, government forces would endevour to monopolize both, restricting radius and duration of action by the overthrowing force...communications would be a definate hassle, as it's a pretty fair bet that mobile phones would be unserviceable, and the CB channels would be extensively monitored....anyone broadcasting would have a gunship on their ass in the not to distant future...which brings me to the next point of concentration of rebel assets. There would be way too much "clustering" of people, waiting for someone to tell them what to do....fine targets they would make for government controlled airspace, which would be 95% of the country.

    FORCE.....With all of the above in mind, it would be VERY difficult for rebels to mass, forcing them into small units that would have to stay very mobile to avoid being pinned in one district, or control large sections of the interior while the government grabbed all the towns and cities...Deliverence, anyone?

    Modern revolution would really suck for the rebels. Forget the Star Wars scenarios....getting people off their asses to a protest march that meant absolutely anything would be a major accomplishment of itself, let alone the organisation needed to stage even a small scale insurrection...

    In short....the government owns your ass. Live with it and hopefully prosper....the alternatives would mostly lead to disintegration of society, and a seperation of your limbs from your torso...which is really the bottom line.

    The French discovered, long ago in the sixties, that a revolution has to be an overnight thing conducted by intellectuals. The mob wakes up in the morning to find the world of ideas a very different place. This is followed by years of adjustment to the new status quo. Its a fait accompli....not an armed mass movement.

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    Re: OVERTHROW Government ! DESTROY Law ! USE FORCE

    There was a joke that was doing the rounds years ago...

    The President was hosting a meeting of his ally, the Prime Minister of Australia. George said to John....
    "God-darn it John! We've got this new scheme. We are going to take over the world, then have a barbarque afterwards. What do you think?"
    "Well Mr. President, could we skip the taking over the world part of the plan and just move on to the barbarque?"

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