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Thread: Ron Douglas

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    Ron Douglas

    I bought Ron Douglas's Newsletter Marketing Magic course with a 60 day money-back guarentee. I have been trying for more than 2 months to learn how to obtain a refund. I have emailed him at 4 different email addresses several times and I even sent a letter by snail mail. I have yet to receive a reply. When I open up help tickets at his web site, they do not allow me to log in after 2 days. This course is not worth the money and his refusal to acknowledge anone contacting him is unexcusable.

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    Re: Ron Douglas

    However much you invested in that "method" would have been better spent in Enron stocks.

    Since you have that specific type pf system, mind sharing it with the world for free? I love reading some of the BS they tell their victim's to do ( Real Estate Riches is my all time classic favorite scam system to read )

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