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    Seen a PIG anyone?

    When pigs fly: Floyd frontman wants prop back

    2-story inflatable swine used by Roger Waters drifted off during Coachella The Associated Press updated 4:58 p.m. ET, Tues., April. 29, 2008

    INDIO, Calif. - Have you seen this pig? It’s huge, inflatable, features the word “Obama” and it has lost its way in the California desert.

    Organizers for the Coachella music festival announced that the gigantic blowup swine, released into the night sky during Roger Waters’ headlining set Sunday, was still out there — and they want it back.

    The festival is offering a $10,000 reward plus four Coachella tickets for life for the safe return of the pig, according to spokeswoman Marcee Rondan.

    As tall as a two-story house and as wide as two school buses, the pig was led from lines held on the ground Sunday as Waters played a version of Pink Floyd’s “Pigs” from the 1977 album “Animals.” Then it just floated away.

    “It wasn’t really supposed to happen that way. I don’t have the details,” Rondan told The Associated Press.

    As for safety concerns, Rondan speculated, “Because it’s inflatable, as it loses air it becomes less and less dangerous.”

    She did not know how much it weighed.

    As of Tuesday, Rondan said, the festival had not been able to contact Waters, the Pink Floyd co-founder and songwriting mastermind behind albums such as “Animals” and “The Dark Side of the Moon.”

    The pig displays the words “Don’t be led to the slaughter” and a cartoon of Uncle Sam holding two bloody cleavers. The other side reads “Fear builds walls” and the underside reads “Obama” with a checked ballot box for U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

    Waters, who told the crowd “that’s my pig” as it drifted off into the night, closed out the three-day festival.

    Pink Floyd shows have used blowup pigs throughout the years. Rondan called Sunday’s “the same prototype” as past pigs.

    “People are putting search teams together to find this pig,” Rondan said. “But it may float in the night sky, never to be seen again.”

    URL: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24374213/

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    Re: Seen a PIG anyone?

    As the saying goes: "if you have thought you have seen it all then just wait for further future developments.
    The slogan about the "crossed-meat cleavers" thing is certainly no aid to O'bama. Especially after the latest infamous "Rev". Wright tirade. I think O'bama probably winced again. He is probably thinking he does'nt need to shoot himself in the foot, like Clinton, with her "sniper fire" episode - he has plenty of other people doing that for him.
    But then, O'bama erred back when he had a REAL CHANCE to distance himself from Wright and mostly just lauded the man. Who is obviously a mental case. I think O'bama and the rest of us have NOT heard the last of Wright. Who after all admits friendship with the notorious Farakan character. If anyone is a Gaff to African Americans it is people like this!:rasta:

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