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    Beware of ARS Toronto, www.aceonerecruitment.com

    ARS TORONTO , Ace One Incorporated or Ace One recruitment is Fraud Canadian Company Located In Ontario, Fraud Employment services / Fraud IT recruitment services inside Canada, Jason Wallace Pickering,Ontario,Canada
    Donít trust in them they are scammer and I lost 1,300 USD with them
    ARS Toronto or Ace One Incorporated or Ace One Recruitment is the same name for fake Canadian company located in Ontario.
    Don't trust in them, they are Scammers; they will take your money for fraud job offer and fraud promises.
    they are scammer and they always change their name but you can catch them from their address, email and phone number.
    if you want to make sure that they are scammer just go to :http://www.bbb.org/
    ARS Toronto or Ace One Incorporated or Ace One Recruitment always sends email for hiring in one of their clients then they sent interview template to their victim.
    They send another email by acceptance for their victim and ask him to send process fees in CAD or USD usually (1,300) $.
    They send Job Offer by email and they ask victim to transfer the by Western Union and when they receive the they disappear and their victim ‚Äécan't contact them because they didn't response on phone or email.
    This is all info about ACE ONE RECRUITMENT:
    Company Name: Ace One Recruitment / ACE ONE INCORPORATED
    Website: http://www.aceonerecruitment.com/
    Location : Canada
    Addresses :
    Head Office
    1920 Yonge Street. Suit 200
    Toronto, Ontario
    M4S 3E2
    Phone Number

    Durham Office
    1305 Pickering Parkway Suite 300
    Ontario L1V 1B8
    Phone Number

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    Re: Beware of ARS Toronto, www.aceonerecruitment.c

    This is Mr. Wallace I was the Manager for Ace One Recruitment now ARS Toronto at the time of this contractor being hired he was asked at the time to provide a deposit in the amount of $1,200 for his application because it is a very well known fact that when dealing with H1B visas that the candidate tends to use the company to get into Canada and then leaves the company and it's client hi and dry. When this offer was generated it took this candidate 5 weeks to do what was required to process the application yet still we at Ace One felt he could perform the duties for our client so we hired him we worked with his lawyer here in Canada and with his Embassy in U.A.E he was requested many times to get to work on the clients requirements but failed he was more interested in getting to Canada then the work for our client we let this go on for 2 months and sent many of emails to him to ask him to conform to what his responsibility's were to our client he did not so we terminated the and employment for cause as for the deposit and email was sent that part of the deposit will be kept for the fees incurred by by Ace One I will be posting the email below as well. I was then sent a email threatening me that he would destroy my company that is where we are at now I will post all emails that have been sent by him and emails I have sent to him in response.

    EMAILS Of Termination

    #1 Sent to Emad

    From: jason.wallace@aceonerecruitment.com> To:thesaintmanwar@hotmail.com> > Emad

    Sir I do not like your work ethic through out this position I am there for> going to discontinue our relationship with you as
    for the deposit I will> refund part of it, not all as I have incurred costs and have
    not been> successful in meeting the needs of my client you are taking to much time in completing the prose es, due partly to do with your dis>
    trust in my company and your delay in time lines and the fact you seem to be more interested in getting to Canada .
    I will get back to you by Jan, 27th 2008 with the amount of> the refund you will receive by way of Western Union.

    Reply Email From Emad


    I accept you about refund, but it will be 1,300 US $ not a part as you said and
    remember it's not my baby it's yours. Thanks & Best Regards Halka,Emad Naeem
    ShakerSenior Software DeveloperOrascom Construction IndustriesCell :(+2)012-6208675‎E-

    Email To Emad


    Emad as per our discussion with both you and your lawyer and our lawyer you will not be receiving a full refund as you are at fault for what has o cured I want you to know that Ace One has suffered from what your lack of respect and disregard for the work you were paid to do ,you ended up costing Ace One $4,000.00 because you failed to do the job you were paid to do . As per our discussion with your lawyer you could be sued for breach of contract but we have chosen not to do so as you are not in Canada or a resident therefore we can get not gain out of doing so we agreed to pay you the amount of $680.00 US as the refund of deposit to avoid you doing any damage to our good name the money is being sent by western union your lawyer will advise as to when.

    Jason Wallace

    Email: #4

    Dear Wallace,I wish you are in a good mood.I wish you admired with my new report.If
    you have time, please go to this link:
    Please give me your point of view about that because your opinion is very important
    to me.Note: if you have time to choose another name for your company, I think that
    will work well, or if you want to refund my money (I know that's impossible for
    you) and keep your name, it's up to you sweetheart.Good bye and wait my new giftsand don't hesitate to contact me.Your best Friend Emad Shaker

    This is what I found on the net about my company

    I then spoke with my lawyer and the RCMP and his Embassy about what we could do this I was told there is nothing because Emad is not on Canadian soil

    I then recived a email from Emad after the RCMP spoke with him and he was sent a letter for our lawyer .


    I am sorry for what i wrote about your company I will take it down right away please find it in your heart to forgive me .

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    Re: Beware of ARS Toronto, www.aceonerecruitment.c

    ACE ONE is a fraud company indeed.

    All what he said is fraud as well, i didn't receive anything from his lawyer ,i still insist of it is a fraud company and what he said was

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    Re: Beware of ARS Toronto, www.aceonerecruitment.c

    if u want more info abot this scammer:


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