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    Aussie View of USA

    > Aussie View
    > Gentlemen
    > I am an Australian and my son is an Australian - as far as we are
    > concerned there is not place on God's earth better than Australia, and
    > there are no people better than Australians.
    > That was until the past week or so.
    > My son is in the Australian Army and he is currently on deployment in
    > Iraq. I can not go into his duties in great depth, but shall we say
    > that
    > he and his fellow army buddies are on a glorified guard duty looking
    > after the Australian Embassy. They don't go out looking for "action",
    > though it is a different story in Afghanistan, there the Aussie troops
    > chase the baddies over t he hills and into the valleys..
    > My son and I just ended a long 'phone conversation and here are some
    > of his comments, believe me this is what he said. We have all seen the
    > bullshit emails written by some clown in his lounge room pretending to
    > be at the coal face, but this is what was said.:
    > "Before I came over here I thought we (the Australian Army) were
    > pretty shit hot..... was I ever wrong!....The Yanks (I hope you don't
    > mind me using that word) are so professional from the top to the bottom
    > that it is almost embarrassing to be in their company, and to call
    > yourself a soldier....don't get me wrong, we are good at what we do but
    > the Yanks are so much better.....they are complete at what they do, how
    > they do it and their attitude is awesome....they don't complain they
    > just get on with the job and they do it right.....I carry a Minimi
    > (SAW)
    > so I am not real worried about a confrontation but I tell you I feel
    > safer just knowing that the US Army is close by....If we got into
    > trouble I know that our boys would come running and we could deal with
    > it but they would probably be passed by a load of Hummers. No questions
    > asked, no glory sought, the A mericans would just fight with us and for
    > us because that is their nature, to protect those in need of
    > protection.....We use the American Mess so you could say that we are
    > fed
    > by the Americans.....they have every right to be pissed at that but
    > they
    > don't bitch about that they just make us feel as welcome as
    > possible....what gets to me is that the Yanks don't walk around with a
    > "we are better than you attitude" and they could because they are, they
    > treat us as equals and as brothers in arms. If nothing else, coming
    > here
    > has taught me that the Ameri cans are a truly great Nation and a truly
    > great bunch of people.....Let's face it they don't HAVE to be here,
    > they
    > could stay in America and beat the shit out of anyone who threatened
    > them, BUT THEY ARE HERE because they believe they should be here, and
    > the Iraqis would be screwed if they weren't here.....When I come home,
    > you and I we are going to the US, we will buy some bikes and we ar e
    > going riding...."
    > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
    > The reason why I am sharing this with you is because I realize that
    > you (as a nation) must get pretty pissed with all the criticism you
    > receive by the so-called "know it alls" who are sitting at home - safe.
    > The reality is that they are safe, just as I am, because of America. If
    > the world went arse up tomorrow there is little we (Australia) could do
    > about it, but I know that the Americans would be there putting
    & gt; themselves on the line for others. That to me is the sign of greatness.
    > The most precious thing in my life is my son, I look at him and I
    > tha nk God that I am fortunate enough to be able to spend time in his
    > company. We laugh, we discuss, we argue, we dummy spit, we have the
    > same
    > blood. I am not happy that he is where he is but that is his duty. He
    > joined the Army to protect and to defend, not to play games. I mightn't
    > like it but I accept it. My reasons for not liking it are selfish and
    > self centered. I felt assured that he would be safe because he is in a
    > well trained army with an excellent record, BUT NOW, I feel a whole lot
    > better knowing that he is with your sons, daughters, brothers and
    > sisters.
    > Whilst he was growing up. I was always there to look after him, I
    > would not let harm befall him and I would always put myself before him
    > to protect him. I can't do that now. When it comes to looking after him
    > now he and his mates will do the job, but also THANK GOD FOR AMERICA.
    > Gentlemen, I have rambled on for too long. but as I finish I say to
    > you, as a foreigner and outsider, a nation is only a collection of its
    > people and its attitude is the attitude of its people, collectively and
    > as individuals. I am really glad you are here on this Earth and I
    > respect you as a nation and as people.
    > Stand up and feel proud because you deserve it, there is no one else
    > who will do what America does without question. The next time someone
    > howls you down, take some comfort in the fact that America is defending
    > their right to act like an idiot.
    > Finally, thank you for looking after my son.
    > Peter Turner
    > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    > Thank you Mr. Peter Turner for your kind, eloquent and most
    > appreciated words!
    > Donald Cathcart
    > Lieutenant Colonel United States Marine Corps (Retired)

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    Re: Aussie View of USA

    Thank you...your letter should be published. Can I forward to the local newspaper?
    This is truly a reflection of America's youth.

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    Re: Aussie View of USA

    Sorry, but there is no way that was written by an Australian. The language is all wrong, the attitude is wrong, the phrasing is all wrong. It's certainly possible that there are servicemen with that opinion, but this letter was written by an American.

    As well as that, most of the Australian deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan consist of the SASR, the equivalent of the British SAS or the US Marines, and they have served alongside the SAS and Marines in both countries. These aren't regular conscripts we have over there, they are the best.

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    Re: Aussie View of USA

    I should add also, I'm not saying that much of what was written isn't true. I just very much doubt that it was written by an Aussie.

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    Re: Aussie View of USA

    Gave me chills reading it. thank you, Aussie. :)

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    Re: Aussie View of USA

    Must have lost something in the translation?

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