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    Publishers Clearing House Scam

    I received a letter in the mail from Prize America/pch.com. A check in the amount of $4,850 was enclosed with the letter. The letter stated that I had won 75k because my winning Lotto numbers, USA's biggest multi-state lottery:"The Big Game", had been drawn. A customer service number was provided, 604-722-6527 along with (2) account manager's names. The letter was also fraudulently signed by Frank Thomas, VP of Prize America. The payer appeared to be Bertelsmann Direct North American with an account drawn on the Chase Manhattan Bank Delaware. I noticed that the envelope had no return address, but it did bear a Canadian postage stamp.


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    Re: Publishers Clearing House Scam

    some body is playing games with you if it was PCH is would be from NY state, theres a lot of bad out there, oh child there is too many scammers out there, these are bad times now.

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    Re: Publishers Clearing House Scam

    I see the banners on scam.com promoting Publisher's Clearing House Annual contest. And every year I ask the same question:

    Has anyone met known or heard of a real winner in your family or neighborhood. I think PCH is like the staged fake moon landing.
    All doctored up. My mom does it every year for like 40 years and she thinks it is a scam too.

    Prove me wrong, call me Mulder cause I WANT TO BELIEVE

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