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    Text4cash Scam Alert!!!


    If you happen to come across a company called Text4Cash, Youhoes, Cash Chat, Chat4Cash the Owner MOE a fraud, thief, and liar. STIR CLEAR OF HIM

    MOE is a scammer! He has changed his companies name over three times in 7 months and created and deleted 3 Yahoo Groups in an effort to cover his tracks.

    He hires people and then steals their CASH. He is the worse of the worse. He preys on stays at home parents, students, disable people, and those who really need and want to work from home.

    The premise of Chatting for cash is REAL and LEGIT. I work for several adult affiliates and would be happy to supply you with a list, but DON'T sign up to work for MOE or his company.

    My self and many others have lost endless amounts of cash. If you don't believe me check out some links of others talking about their experiences.

    This company and its owner is a Cheater is a FRAUD, he has committed fraud with three adult affiliates, Moe cons people it believing that he is going to help them make money, but then he doesn't treat them with respect he speaks down to them, steals their CHECKS.

    Then deletes his yahoo groups, changes his Yahoo ID's. BEWARE of MOE he is a long time con artist, and internet criminal, he is dangerous, and will swindle, you out of your hard earned MONEY.

    Don't trust Chat4Cash, Text4Cash, Cash Chat they are a rip off, he's a cheater and loser.




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    Re: Text4cash Scam Alert!!!

    RAPIST TOO?????????


    Hi, I saw your post regarding this man and he actually looks like someone I met a few years ago in the Washington DC area. He managed an Internet site that claimed to provide ‘escorts’ for men. They eventually shut the site down as the government came after him because it was nothing more than a front for prostitution. I think he had to pay a big fine, but did not go to jail. I wasn’t friends with the guy, but he used to come in a club in Washington that I also frequented. I knew him as ‘Mo’. I never heard of the other names. This was probably 5 or 6 years ago too. He raped a girl in the club one night and I was stunned when he did not go to jail. He had to pay the girl about $100,000 USD though. It messed her up though. She worked in the club, but quit after that and was very traumatized by what happened.

    From the context of your post, I’ll assume he has some type of chat site where men can connect with girls. Is that what he was doing? It sounds as though it could be the same guy because he was pretty smart about Internet stuff. I’m not sure about the Las Vegas connection though as the last I heard the guy moved to Baltimore , Maryland .

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