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    9/11 Flight Contradicted

    Official Account of 9/11 Flight Contradicted by Governments Own Data


    Pilots for 9/11 Truth, an international organization of pilots and aviation professionals, petitioned the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) via the Freedom of Information Act to obtain their 2002 report, "Flight Path Study-American Airlines Flight 77", consisting of a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file and Flight Path Animation, allegedly derived from Flight 77's Flight Data Recorder (FDR). The data provided by the NTSB contradict the 9/11 Commission Report in several significant ways:

    1. The NTSB Flight Path Animation approach path and altitude does not support official events.
    2. All Altitude data shows the aircraft at least 300 feet too high to have struck the light poles.
    3. The rate of descent data is in direct conflict with the aircraft being able to impact the light poles and be captured in the Dept of Defense "5 Frames" video of an object traveling nearly parallel with the Pentagon lawn.
    4. The record of data stops at least one second prior to official impact time.
    5. If data trends are continued, the aircraft altitude would have been at least 100 feet too high to have hit the Pentagon.
    (visit the link for the full news article)


    Flight 93 Shootdown - Once kooky theory - now confirmed (again and again)

    April 16, 2008 -- Flight 93 shot down by Air Force jets

    [Poster's comment: The WMR reference if from WAYNE MADSEN REPORT, a website which I have come to learn is 'subscription-based'; as a result I have apparently propagated information from a URL that requires a paid membership to access. Also, I'm sure those inclined to argue for the sanctity of profit over truth might be correct in stating that this information is 'owned' and therefore subject to the usual restrictions of 'fair use'. I APOLOGIZE and attest that I in no way wish to complicate the lives of the kind folks at ATS who have no complicity in my posting it here. - If it must be 'removed' so be it - I will certainly take no offense]

    "WMR has received another confirmation, bringing the total number to three, that United Flight 93, hijacked on the morning of September 11, 2001, was shot down over rural Pennsylvania by U.S. Air Force jets scrambled from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.

    The third confirmation, as were the first two, is from a National Security Agency (NSA) source. In fact, a number of personnel who were on watch at the Meade Operations Center (MOC), which is a floor below the NSA's National Security Operations Center (NSOC), were aware that United 93 was brought down by an Air Force air-to-air missile. Personnel within both the MOC and NSOC have reported the doomed aircraft was shot down.

    The 9/11 Commission, which is now known to have been influenced by Bush adviser Karl Rove and its Executive Director Phil Zelikow, never interviewed the on-duty signals intelligence personnel who were aware that United 93 was brought down by Air Force jets. The cover-story is that passengers on board the plane struggled with hijackers and flew the plane directly into the ground near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Investigators have stressed that the 8-mile debris field left by the doomed aircraft proves the government's story is a hoax. "

    This is my first thread. Please forgive me if any technical issues are apparent.

    Maybe this is old news. Maybe this is 'well-known'. On the other hand after three (countem' - three) confirmation from my old alma mater NSA - the story of the flight 93 shoot down is no longer 'debatable.

    My interest in starting this thread is towards a discussion of five things:

    1) How fervently those who argued 'against' the theory seem to be utterly mute on the matter now. Their provided 'proof' and of course their undying loyalty to the 'official position'.

    2) How the government 'cooperated' with the media to produce and promote the heartrending "Flight 93" docudrama that served to cement public opinion against the truth and truth-seekers as lunatics with possible 'unpatriotic' motivations.

    3) How the 'independent' media exemplified its 'journalistic integrity' while generating tens of millions (around the world no less) in revenue while propagating information that even untrained eyes recognized as patently false.

    4) Why the American people are intended to 'let it go' despite the disrespect it shows to those who died. And the 'circumstantial' evidence it lends to the 'looney' theory that we have been, and continue to be misdirected and blatantly lied to by the government.

    5) Which public officials stepped forward to propagate and strengthen this pack of lies. Which actually 'created the lies' and which just surrendered to them.


    more 9-11

    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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    Re: 9/11 Flight Contradicted

    Paladine, thanks for putting out the information for the NEW COMERS coming to scam dot com. Soulbro put out some articles on this too but back in the archives.

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