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Thread: Jen Vickers

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    Jen Vickers

    Please beware of Jen Vickers from Saint Michael, MN. She is currently running an online scam to collect money from innocent people. She pretends to have a charity and gets people to donate to the "charity" that does not exist. This is how she makes a living. She claims to be a nurse that wants to help people when she is not. She does not current have a real job. Her job is to sit at home all day and scam innocent people. She is also not safe for children to be around if you have kids that play with her kids. She is potentially abusive because of a mental disorder she currently has. If you know her just watch your kids around her, please. This is a very disturbed and angry woman who has no life. You can feel free to email me and I will disclose all information I have about her. I just want to make sure people are aware. She is currently under investigation for fraud, child abuse, and animal cruelty.

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    Re: Jen Vickers

    Trina Kenney or whatever you are going by now... would you give it a break. You have been harasssing her & Alcina for a while now. Someone needs to boot you off this forum.

    For those of you that are wondering why Trina would do this... just google "trina kenney". She has ripped off people all over the States and is now mad that is getting caught.

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