If you are considering MFG just get that idea right out of your head forever!Take the $6,000 + it will cost you for the membership and buy a machine or piece of equipment that you always wanted. I joined and it is a true thorn in the side of my small job shop business. $500.00 a month with absolutly no return.All of the time wasted quoting. My rate is very good as far as shops are concerned. These people Posting RFQs are MFers. They want the lowest quotes and are not even nice about the whole process. They do not return business because they are always bargain shopping. It is bad for the whole machine shop trade. Cheapening everything in a trade that is in its death throws in U.S.A. There is absolutly no screening of the Buyers either.They join for free and many are not even legal companies. Just losers fishing for quote ranges on thier lousy parts!!
go to: mfgsucks.com