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Thread: Housing Scam???

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    Housing Scam???

    I have been trying to rent a room in an apartment for a few weeks now. I googled to search for some free classifieds that way I could post the apartment. I used the many websites that popped up. I have had a few phone calls and one e-mail inquiring about the room. The one e-mail return sounds a little funny to me especially since they want to give me a $2100 deposit so quickly. Below are the some of the e-mails this person has sent me. I would like to know if this sounds or is a scam and if it something that happens frequently.

    E-mail # 1:
    Hello "my name",
    Thanks for the mail and i appreciate your efforts towards this .I am interested in renting your room .I will need more info from you regards to the room and also i need to know the deposit/rent fee that i will be paying before i arrive,i am from ENGLAND,but currently based in west africa now with my mom because she works for a missionary school and she is posted down here,i want to move over to the US,Kindly get back to me ASAP with the deposit/rent fee, i need to pay because i will like to pay for the deposit before my arrival and i will like to know the total amount i will be paying for a whole year but i will like to pay the deposit first of all,I do part time modelling and also i have finished with my masters programme.I do model and i have job offers already in the US,I have my masters degree in accounting.My job will be based on contracts so i do not have to go to work all the time,I will only need to go to work 3 times in a week.

    Well, i think we will get along well because am a easy going person,like i said i dont do drugs or smoke but i drink only occasionally.I will be glad if you have a Yahoo messenger. "her s/n" so we can chat and talk more and get to know each other better,Send me ur email addy

    Email # 2:

    Hello ,
    Thanks for the mail ,I do really appreciate your efforts towards this.well i will give you a call ASAP,but will not want to call you while you are busy.You sound very nice i am also an easy going person as well.Please kindly get back with Thanks for the mail and i appreciate your urgent response towards this and the explanation you have made.
    I model and i have jobs at stake for me once i come over to the US these jobs are based on modelling contracts,i have a job in the states.I am ready to pay $2100 down as deposit to reserve the house,I appreciate the efforts you have made and also the explanation you have given.I will be arriving in the next two weeks,but i will let you know my exact move in date as soon as you recieve the deposit.I will like to pay the deposit because that really shows that i am serious about this and its secures the room.Please lets meet online so we can discuss better.I do model and my job is based strictly on contracts so i do not have to go to work everyday,I will only be going to like 3 times a week.I am perfectly okay with all what you have said so far,i do not have any questions for now,but i will let you know if i have any as time goes on.I am perfectly okay with all what you have said and have no questions for now.
    As regards payment my mom has a client in the US that owes her some money,so he will be making out a money order out in your name and as soon as the money order gets to you take it to your bank or as soon as you cash the money order , then i will move over and then hand over the remaining balance of the lease to you once i come over to meet you in person,i am always online which you can as well set up a yahoo messenger its free , ,well i need the name as you want it to appear on the money order or ur mode of payment so that i can go for the payment immediately and also the address to send the money order to and also your contact phone number.I will expect your immediate reply.
    or un can tell me ur mode of payment or u have yahoo chat u can give me so that we can chat

    What do you think?

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    Re: Housing Scam???

    Your bullshit detector is working just fine. This is a common scam setup. Read Craigslist's fraud warnings and Google "overpayment fraud".

    The most likely scenario is that s/he will send a check or money order but "accidentally" overpay you and request that the difference be sent back by wire transfer. If you were to cash the tender and wire back the difference, the scammer would disappear and the bank and/or the cops would be after YOU for the funds.
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    Re: Housing Scam???

    Yep, it is a total scam. I would bait them along, but do not remove your lisitng. When you get the money order, you can take it to a bank and ask them to verify it. But i would first look at the address it is drawn from and they to find that address via goole earth, I bet you will find it to be fake. You will find a real and honest renter sooner or later, it just takes time.

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    Re: Housing Scam???

    Is there anywhere to report this to?

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