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    Deep Integration: the coming North American Union

    Financial Armageddon: Will the Amero be the false Messiah?

    I don’t claim to be an expert in economics by any means, but lately I’ve been putting myself through a crash course in an attempt to put recent events in perspective. Recent mainstream news has been full of depressing reports about the state of our economy and the dollar. Topping the headlines has been the mortgage industry, whose biggest companies, such as Countrywide, could be facing bankruptcy. Yesterday there was even a rush on the bank by customers fearful their mo.ney would be lost in the process. This is the downside of the real estate boom a couple of years ago; many people are unable to pay the rising costs of variable mortgages, and/or when they try to sell their homes, they discover their home is worth is less than the mortgage they carry.

    This situation has global ramifications, since the world markets are so closely tied into each other. Recently several countries have been attempting to resuscitate the markets by infusing cash into the system, our own included. As recently as this past Thursday, central banks in Australia, Japan, the UK, Canada and the European Central bank were forced to step in, hoping to stave off the so called ‘credit crunch’ and potential ensuing market crash. The Federal Reserve additionally cut the rate on discount loans, which might ease the pinch at least for now.

    And once again, we find China involved at the very top of the pyramid, this time boldly threatening to collapse the dollar. China holds so many of our dollars, an estimated $900 billion in bonds, that it would be very easy for them to do so, thus setting off a kind of financial Armageddon. The Senate has even drafted a bill which calls for “tariffs against Chinese goods as retaliation for alleged currency manipulation.” It seems weather wars and exporting toxic consumer goods are not enough; an economic war could very well be in the works, as the sleeping dragon stirs.

    But not everyone is suffering. Forbes reported on August 8 that “a consortium of the nation’s leading investment banks have quietly created an index that is not only protecting them against the recent market meltdown but also promising to make them bundles of mo.ney in the process.” Additionally, Nasdaq is reportedly launching “a private stock market for super-wealthy investors”, which will be outside the purview of any regulatory agency.

    One cannot help but notice the timing in these maneuvers; in July, the Rothschild banking group announced its re-unification, ending a separation dating from the 19th century. A famous quote by Mayer Amschel Rothschild is repeated often, “Give me control of a nation’s m.oney and I care not who makes her laws.” This family is infamously involved in the creation of our modern financial system, dating back to the middle ages. For an excellent, well-researched look inside that history, as well as the occult Masonic symbolism on our mo.ney itself, check out Tracy R. Twyman’s article, “The Alchemical Dollar: The Magic and Mystery of America’s M.oney”, based on her book on the same topic. She links the Federal Reserve’s deeds over the years to an alchemists dream of creating gold, or wealth, from lesser materials. So it is with our dollar; no longer backed by gold or silver, our paper mo.ney, now fiat currency, is based solely on the faith of the consumer. In her opinion, by doing so, we are all participating in a magical or alchemical ritual set up long ago. One need not be a conspiracy theorist to find that point of view fascinating.

    The nation’s Comptroller, David Walker, was in the news recently warning of a coming fiscal collapse, comparing the state of our economy with the fall of Rome. And don’t count me as an official Ron Paul supporter just yet, but his article, “The End of Dollar Hegemony”, did give me pause. He didn’t have to touch on the occult history of our financial system to remind us of what the Federal Reserve really is (a private bank), and what the abandonment of the gold standard in 1971 could mean for the future of our economy. Congressman Paul also makes a good argument that our recent wars are as much economic as anything else; according to him, abandoning the gold standard forced the US to back it instead with oil, arranging with OPEC in the 1970s to trade exclusively in dollars for the valuable commodity. When Saddam Hussein began to demand trading in Euros rather than dollars for his oil in 2000; well, we know what happened. Similarly in 2001, Venezuela began to talk about switching to Euros for their oil, and within a year there was a coup attempt against Chavez, which was, according to Paul (as well as Counterpunch and Chavez himself), reportedly assisted by the CIA. Paul says Iran is beginning to make the same demands, and rumors of war with that country are already in the news.

    Another thought that keeps occurring to me is that we are headed for a new paradigm in terms of global unification of our currencies. This week’s meeting of the Security and Prosperity Partnership in Montebello, Canada, based on the CSIS report on plans for the North Amer.ican Union, should be a major heads-up to those who don’t already know about the Amero; this YouTube clip from CNBC says it all. It’s coming. And again, the timing should not be ignored. What better way to introduce the idea of a new, unified currency that could compete with the Euro, than allow our dollar to collapse in plain view, to the horror of the average consumer? Take note that protests against the meeting will not be allowed, they are meeting in total secrecy and seclusion a la Bilderburg, which also met there in 1983, and they even plan a 25 kilometer security radius to avoid such threats. Attending along with Presidents Bush, Calderon of Mexico, and Prime Minister Harper of Canada, will be several members of the CSIS who are also members of Bilderburg, the Trilateral Commission, and the CFR, including Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

    Oh, yeah. Those guys.


    “When rich speculators prosper while farmers lose their land; when governm.ent officials spend mo.ney on weapons instead of cures; when the upper class is extravagant and irresponsible while the poor have nowhere to turn – all this is robbery and chaos. It is not in keeping with the Tao.” - Tao Te Ching #53
    Ron Paul says a lot of the right stuff and, if for nothing else, is bringing in to the public mind a lot of ideas and concepts that people have not been exposed to before. In that sense, I’m for him. But I can’t help wondering if he’s not too good to be true; after all, his image is still created by the same media illusion-industry that spins the other politician images we receive. I don’t know, though.

    There’s an interesting pattern developing with the regional economic alliances–first the EU, then Chavez proposing one for Latin America to provide a buffer to the U.S.; which, then leads to the whole North American Union positioning in predictable fashion. Seems like the trajectory is all in one direction…

    Deep Integration: the coming North American Union

    From The Plan to Disappear Canada by Murray Dobbin, “If the machinations going on in this country regarding so-called “deep integration” were instead a communist conspiracy to take over the country (you will, of course, have to try hard to imagine this) the news media would be blaring the story.

    Pundits would pontificate, editorialists would erupt, security forces would be unleashed.

    Instead, a virtual conspiracy to make the country disappear through assimilation into the U.S. gets barely a mention.

    But news of the scheme — formally called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) — is finally breaking out of the secret chambers of the ruling elite and the federal government. This is both good news and bad. It’s good that ordinary citizens are finally getting a glimpse of the betrayal of their country. The news is bad because it reflects just how much of this scheme is already being implemented. “

    Mr. Dobbin goes on to summarize the main points of the arrangements in the works. Our government claims the agreement is still ‘informal’ (White House spokesman Tony Snow called the NAU a ’myth’), but others insist it was signed without our approval on March 23, 2005 in Waco, Texas by President George W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and Mexican President Vicente Fox. From Robert Pastor at the CFR, “The main recommendation of the Task Force is the creation, by 2010 at the latest, of a North American security and economic community whose boundaries will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter”. Indeed, over 300 agencies are already ‘harmonizing’ regulations of such things as energy, taxes, tariffs, and pesticides, many of which were originally part of NAFTA and are now being ‘fast-tracked’ by the SPP initiative. Even a trilateral open skies initiative has been discussed. (Incidentally, the US and the EU are also ‘harmonizing’ regulations.) Security concerns have always topped the list of justifications for integration. At least one NAFTA superhighway is also in the works (with new RFID tracking technology), even though fourteen states have petitioned Congress to abandon the SPP.

    Secretive summits have been held as critics declare an elitist corporate agenda works out the details of their scheme away from prying eyes. Indeed they may have good reason: outspoken critics include Lou Dobbs, Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Virgil Good (R-Va), and Connie Fogal of the Canadian Action Party, and there are plans to protest the next meeting of the SPP on August 21-22nd in Montebello, Quebec. Opponents from both Canada and the US are up in arms over the potential loss of sovereignty. Others go further, claiming the plans are an act of treason or sedition. At least two other recent acts, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2007(NDAA), which gives the President dictatorial powers in the case of ‘public emergency’, and the Military Commissions Act which suspended habeas corpus in 2006, have been linked to the plans by some opponents. For more information, here is a timeline of the events leading up to deep integration, those organizations working to support the plan, and those fighting against it. Pierre Hillard also provides a substantial overview, as does Dr. Jerome R. Corsi in his book, The Late Great USA.

    Proponents insist there are no plans to undermine the US Constitution or create a unified currency, but others maintain these issues will likely be addressed eventually, and probably already have been behind closed doors. Immigration will certainly play a major role in the decision-making process; some wonder if the issue is being used as a diversion, or a “mechanism for achieving the globalists’ NAU goal”. From WorldNetDaily.com, “WASHINGTON — The controversial ‘Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007,’ which would grant millions of illegal aliens the right to stay in the U.S. under certain conditions, contains provisions for the acceleration of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, a plan for North American economic and defense integration, WND has learned.” Attaching such an emotional and controversial issue to the globalization agenda is a cleverly sinister way to achieve their eventual goals of a New World Order.

    “When the will to power is in charge, the higher the ideals, the lower the results.” –Tao Te Ching #58
    Well it’s true. The world wants four Unions. The EU, African Union, The Pacific Union and the American Union as one or two. Each union can control each section. This is why the US is making a big deal out of immigration. and why the US dollar is so weak. They need to create a problem, thus get a reaction, then have a solution, like 911. They also need to bring the US down to a certain level to make it work. The US will still be the for runner in the New World Gov, which points to the man of lawlessness.

    People ARE protesting, like crazy, but it's not being reported.

    A North American Union would result in the automatic replacement of the U.S. Constitution, and render your current liberties null and void. Policy and law would be written by a self appointed "council", as it is in the EU, and the American public would have even less say in what happens in their own country Ithan you do now.

    I would like to add that the National ID card, proposed in the Real ID act, is actually an INTERNATIONAL or SUPRANATIONAL id card, with standardized biometric data that is designed to be stored in a shared NAU database. It's already done. The time to stop it has passed. Because a few states passed legislation blocking Real ID, they proposed this workaround that many people haven't heard of yet, called HR 5405, which turns the Social Security card into a national/international id. See this video for more details:


    So who still thinks the New World Order is a conspiracy theory? Everything people have been saying about it since the 90's is COMING TRUE. They were laughed at, but now it's all happening step by step. We're living in it, it's right in our faces. The debate is over. It's no longer a secret, and it's no longer a theory.


    i do believe it because I can read bills and "treaties" that have been put in place, and I can think for myself...I don't need the media to twist the facts for me like they do.

    Why aren't people protesting? Because these people are drinking the koolaid and refuse to turn off the TV for their news. The "War on Terror" is nothing more than a device created via the CIA...Yes, Bin Laden was employed via our very own CIA.

    We protested WTO! Media shut us out. We protested again, permit sites were 2 miles from convention. Media ignored us.

    What's going on here?????

    Has the "liber.al media" become a propaganda arm of the government?

    Google PNAC.There's already a Superhighway under construction in Texas.Our leaders will introduce it as the answer to all our problems..the mortgage crisis, immigration issues, trade issues, the devaluation of the dollar.They will tell us if we just agree to this union, everything will be ok.Problem is, we really have no choice.Why more people aren't protesting their as*es off I have no idea.If more of us would turn the TV off and evolve and actually have an original thought, we may be more inclined to protest.

    People aren't protesting this more loudly because of the near-military tactics being used by the police. People don't want to be tasered, shot with hard rubber bullets, and then confined to a *camp* with neither charges pressed nor a proper writ of habeus corpus. The police state is here, if you are *poor* or have compassion for them, simply put.

    And not only does the Supreme Court not care, they authorized this when they ruled that the police have *no* obligation to serve and protect the law-abiding citizen, that they're *only* supposed to cater to the criminals and *their* civil rights...

    That's why. And....no offense meant here, but the media isn't as "liberal" as it's cracked up to be.
    The media is suppose to offer a subjective point, but It doesnt, it is a control system.

    turn it off.

    tell others.

    Yes, there are liberal *figureheads* behind the news desks on TV, and you know what? Dan Rather's been fired, Barbara Walters is retired (just does the View and the rare occasional special). And they're being replaced by John Stossel and Fox News.

    Not to mention, *HALF* of the air time on TV is now commercials. Half. Including the "news". Meaning: if the news agenda were truly liberal in any real sense, sponsors would be offended. Wal Mart would be offended and walk out. This isn't happening.

    What is happening is that the Media is doing what the Companies and the Billionaires want them to: It's distracting the people. It distracts them from the facts, like that *Iraq* had nothing to do with 9-11, that it was a Saudi plot. Or that one Ex-Halliburton CEO, Dick Cheney, was a major business *partner* with Bin Laden Construction and most likely *had Osama's DADDY on Speed Dial* all along.

    And likewise...with the NAU. Which is really just a fancy way of putting the US and Mexico in the same filthy cesspool of a pocket while declaring Canada a "gated community" for the filthy rich and their drones....It's a fancy way to declare de facto apartheid in America and to *reinstate* a plantation economy.

    Why? To make the package more attractive to the *dictators*, that's why. Dictators, like the ones in the white house and in Saudi Arabia and in Mainland China, are the ONLY people our Traitorous Companies and Billionaires are listening to these days.

    We are being sold out. We've been being sold out since the the second world war ended with corrupt politicians playing us and fuking us from both ends.. left or right didn't help.

    We're being stabbed in the back, and fuked in the arse *repeatedly*, by the damned Billionaires, and the companies and politicians and media *they OWN*. And most of us are either so mind-f*cked by the news or so freaked out by our *occupying army*, those police, that we sit here and let it happen....

    Those who can do, *don't care*. Those who care, aren't allowed *to do*. We get tasered and locked up and beaten down and drugged. It's here. I've been saying this since *day one*. The police state is here....it's just starting on the *easy work* first as a warmup.

    If you want to see the *future* the CEOs, One Percenters, Have Mores and Billionaires have in store for us...Look at New Orleans post-Katrina. That is IT right there.

    Just saying....*this* is the "end of the age" predicted by the Mayans on 12/21/2012.


    It's the End of America. Quite possibly the end of Constitutional Freedom and Western Civilization too. God help us.

    Wake up, everybody, North American Union IS happening.
    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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    Re: Deep Integration: the coming North American Un

    PALADINE, I APPLAUD YOU TREMENDOUSLY FOR POSTING OUT THIS ARTICLE AND PUTTING YOU OPINIONS ON HERE. BRAVO!!!!! I AM SO surprised that you did not get another from the BRAINDEAD as like Logically_yours, jax74, old timer, mumbles, usane and others. BRAVO... You have told the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH... yet we will have people on the forums BAD MOUTH US and call us all types of names. They are brain dead and you know, some will never believe it until that day comes and they are slapped in the face with the reality of it all. YEAH PALADINE. I think your Article should be a STICKY. If they dont post it up as a STICKY, I know You got my vote as this article being a STICKY. I copied it and put in my notebook!

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    Re: Deep Integration: the coming North American Un

    barry soetoro aka barack obama the 44th president will be working full force for the North American Union as he is PRO- NEW WORLD ORDER.

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    Re: Deep Integration: the coming North American Un

    " A warning to all who choose to stnd in the way of our New World ODOR and who is for this no other than B.O. You canchosse to stand against us, if you wish, but here is what they will do to you if you do, FEMA CAMPS are all over the USA the largest one is up in ALASKA. They are not joking around this aint no disco no fooling around.

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    Re: Deep Integration: the coming North American Union

    OP is absolutely on target on all counts. Look up "Amero" on Google and the treats already signed between American, Canadian, and Mexican governments. The globalists are zealously at work and indifferent and apathetic public makes their job quite easy. CISPA will be the last nail in the coffin and if you don't know about CISPA you had better learn quick! See http://EFF.org and you will see that Internet Censorship by the American government is less than a year away.

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