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    mortgage and buying solutions

    as anyone heard of mortgage and buying solutions where they set you up with a website for people to lower their interest rate and you get paid when they sign up to get a lower interest rate. if anyone knows about this please let me know

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    Re: mortgage and buying solutions

    Read all of those posts


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    Re: mortgage and buying solutions

    DO NOT, I repeat ... DO NOT join this!!! I just received a call (how on earth he got my phone number) from some jerk YELLING at me to buy this very very obvious CON. Check out the 'ripoffreport'. Unless you like to burn, flush, rip, throw away your money, hang up on the idiot.

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    Re: mortgage and buying solutions

    I agree. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. UNSCRUPULOUS--NO INTEGRITY. I have been burned by this company. Very high pressure sales technique. They won't answer your questions about the process of the business or show me any business financials. When you try to get a word in, they interrupt and treat you like the intrusive salesman that they are. Big mistake, giving credit card info before final decision to join. When I asked for refund, I was treated even worse, personally insulted. Very disrespectful! After paying an up front fee for them to set up the "website". They said that was "all I would need to make a lot of money." They would do all of the work. Nothing further would be needed. After many weeks and missed appointments to help set up the website, the only calls I got was for advertising package. They essentially said that the website was USELESS without the advertising package. At that point, the website turned out to be only a link to the main site--nothing special. No prospective customers could even reach it. Googling my business name did not reach it. You pay so much per month to "rent" this link. Then there is the high pressure sales pitch to buy their Advertising program, costing thousands of dollars. After numerous refusals, I considered a lower price due to their promises. Hard to find much research in advance. This should have been a clue. Now there is some--see Ripoff Report. They neglect to tell you that the 3-day rule DOES apply to them under Arizona law. They are supposed to tell you that you have 30 days to cancel. Get proof of mailing, because they will not accept a certified letter. Will not return e-mails or phone calls after they get your credit card info. Your Credit card may initially honor your dispute, but after they respond, it goes back on. I the end, if they prove (recording) that you gave them credit card info, they can charge your card, even if they violated laws and did not deliver what they promised. [Contract does not match what they verbally promise]. If you do decide to do it--Make your own recording because that part is not recorded on theirs. I have been fighting this over a year. I will report to Arizona Attorney General, FTC and beyond. They just want investors into their business. This is how they make the money by scamming people who want a legitimate home business. DO NOT INVEST IN THIS COMPANY. UNSCRUPULOUS--NO INTEGRITY

    See also: http://www.ripoffreport.com/Search/mabs.aspx
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