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    Site Offering Typing and Other Jobs


    I am new to this forum. I have been searching the threads but have not seen an answer so far so I am asking the question direct and would appreciate your help with this one particularly if you have had personal experience with them or know someone who has.

    The URL is http://www.marrkettrends.com/hb1.htm.

    On the site they list a number of "Real Work from Home Jobs". I am interested in the typing job HB# B50 (rated # 3) on their site) and HB#M009 (rated # 2) out of curiosity as to what could be on that "special piece of paper".

    I appreciate your views on this one.


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    Re: Site Offering Typing and Other Jobs

    The same "home typing" schemes you see all over the net... don't fall for it

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    Re: Site Offering Typing and Other Jobs

    whenever people offer you a job but want you to pay them you can usually assume it is not legit.
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    Re: Site Offering Typing and Other Jobs

    if you read these types of ads that advertise, you got to do "some thinking". You got to remember how many people are going online and reading the same ADS as you are. I am just pointing this out in a different direction for you. How many of these typing jobs would they be offering? How many people would be applying for this job? and does this company have a legitimate phone number and a legitimate address, you do not want a post office box , for an address. WHEN IN DOUBT..... YOU CAN ASK THE BETTER BUSINESS BEAURAU ( I forgot how to spell that last word but you knw what I mean. True most businesses online make you pay, but that does not mean it would be a scam. ALWAYS CHECK WITH THE BBB. Hope that helps you.

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    Re: Site Offering Typing and Other Jobs

    I'm in the same boat ... I have a very hard time trusting these sites, especially when they ask for money. I want to work from home and make some cash ... but don't have that kind of money to fork out to get whatever "kit" they're saying is needed. It's crazy ... n driving me mad! :errr: Anyone out there work at home ... have any advice for someone desperate?

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    Re: Site Offering Typing and Other Jobs

    There are many sites that offer legitimate advice and help.

    You are right to not pay for any site for information. Working at home is a lot like working outside the home. You have to either find an employer who will let you work at home, or you have to start a business.

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