Has anyone heard anything about this company? Or the people running this company? Or know anyone else who has worked for this company? Or know anyone who has had a similiar experience with subcontractors of Home Depot?

COMPANY: Diverse Standby Team (DST for short)
MANAGERS: Grant Altomare, Monte Blews, Mark Asad
ASSOCIATION: Home Depot subcontracts Ready Set Management (RSM), RSM subcontracts DST. Second case found in same county where Home Depot subcontracted Confluence, who subcontracts Green Tree.

* No pay in 4+ weeks for a crew of over half a dozen.
* Paycheck deadlines have been missed 5 times
* Paycheck deadlines have been pushed back five times.
* Paycheck so delayed employee was able to apply for welfare & foodstamps.
* Welfare's calls (to confirm work) were dodged and not returned for 2 weeks.
* When welfare pinned them down, gave another paycheck deadline, and did not meet it.
* Paycheck so delayed employee qualified for welfare & foodstamps.
* Last call resulted in "Let me check, I'll call you back", calls have not been returned.
* No one on crew knows anyone who has been paid yet.
* Employees are wrongfully discharded & hired weekly.
* Company appears to be intentionally "churning" employees.

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