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    WHITEHOUSE90310 is a lying scammer

    You may have noticed the flood of posts from this joker recently, starting with one accussing ME of PM spam, 'urging people to invest in safevest' etc.

    This person is the hopelessly untalented spamboy 'YourBestBet' who has already been banned for the offenses 'WHITEHOUSE90310' is now accusing ME of.

    SO, a warning. He's posting up numerous threads 'asking if anyone knows if xxx is worth investing in'. You can bet he's behind each and every one of the scams he highlights with his 'questions'. he also seems to think that by embedding google link codes in his posts he can somehow earn money from people clicking on it.

    Doesn't work like that, moron.

    When the mods finally stumble out of their hammocks, I'd suggest banning this clown should be priority number one for the day.


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    Re: WHITEHOUSE90310 is a lying scammer

    Quote Originally Posted by WHITEHOUSE90310 View Post
    The mods know exactly who posted what.

    I am no scammer. The google advert embed was not done on purpose, I just cut and pasted it from the original thread on this website!

    You are the scam!

    Scammers are lazy cheats who dont work but steal from others. You accused shirecrest and vision 08 of being scammers. I just asked if they were scams.
    So perhaps you'd like to explain why you 'coincidentally' popped up immediately after YourBestVest was banned, and accused ME of doing exactly what HE had just been banned for?

    Or was it just a coincidence, spamboy? And you actually ARE someone else? :-) :-) :-) Unfortunately for YOU, the mods track IP addresses, so even without the above evidence, they still know exactly who you are - a spamboy who thinks he's clever enough to outwit people who have genitalia smarter than YOU do.

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    Re: WHITEHOUSE90310 is a lying scammer

    Quote Originally Posted by WHITEHOUSE90310 View Post
    Whether you believe it or not it was co-incidence. I had heard of shirecrest and just to find out if it was a scam I searched google with the words scam and shirecrest and your ...snip
    If it really was an incredible coincidence, and you aren't YourBestChest, then I 'll say this:

    you are the most stupid person ever to grace the pages of scam.com

    To jump in and accuse ME of being a scammer as your first attempt, is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

    Sorry, make that the SECOND dumbest thing I've ever seen. your post about Shirecrest wins THAT award.

    After all, anyone so dumb they can't understand why ..."give me your money, I will gamble with it, if I win I will give you some of the winnings back, if I lose, I only lost YOUR money"... is DEFINITELY A SCAM needs help, pronto. Mental help, in fact.

    As for a 'war' - buddy, you aint capable. There are people posting on this board who only have single digit IQs, and THEY could run rings around you.

    So do us all a BIGGGGG favour, and off.

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