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    Hotel-fishing-tour Scams

    Hello Amigos,

    my name is Tadeo Hernández Kelly and I'm the manager of Bibi Fleet, a sportfishing fleet in Mazatlan, Mexico. During the last year, I've received at least four e-mail messages from people wanting to book hotels and fishing trips that have tried to pay for these in an uncommon way to us. They will ask to transfer me money for services I'm not providing (i.e. plane tickets, dinners, taxis, etc) and not only for the hotel room and fishing trips. Once I get the money and get my share, I'll have to re-transfer the rest to them.

    I've identified several features in their emails:
    - Poor English style.
    - Unusual origin of client (4 messages from UK in a row would is very uncommon for Northwest Mexico).
    - Unusual size of group, hotel nights and tours wanted.
    - Very general writing style. They would never mention the word Mazatlan (only "your region") nor ask specific questions about how the hotel is or what fish are biting, etc.
    - Will always say yes to a any price you quote and will always be in a hurry to transfer money. The first time I got these messages, I suspected and replied quoting a ridiculously high amount of money and yes was the answer.

    Some origins and organizations the scams are using:

    - Scotland.
    - The University of Manchester, England. (I've already emailes the University staff).
    - Hallmark Suites Agency. London, England.
    - Liberty Suites Agency, London, Engalnd.

    Be careful with these type of messages.

    Tight Lines everyone!

    Tadeo Hernández Kelly
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