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    Loss Mitigation Training and Courses

    Does anyone know were i can find a legitimate loss mitigation company? I have 2 out of 4 in mine, 1 is "american loss mitigation consortion owned by daniel schultz and 2 is decision 1 home savers owned by scott kennedy. I did a little search on the 2 and found some discrepancies at the bbb on decision 1 home savers, but this company seems to be the least expensive and pays the most for commission, so any and all help would be appreciated before i invest in them.

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    Re: Loss Mitigation Training and Courses

    I wanted to share my experience to all looking to start a loss mitigation business or add foreclosure defense to their current services. I have visited this forum a number of times and research the subject of loss mitigation extensively. I have found that there are a number of companies that teach loss mitigation, but have no real business experience in the area, their all about selling loss mitigation as a business in one way or another. The one company that stood out in my research was American Loss Mitigation Consortium, a corporation in Virginia. American Loss Mitigation Consortium is operated by Dan Schultz and has been doing this business for 23 years. I did join American Loss Mitigation Consortium because of Dan Schultzís extensive expertise and knowledge of loss mitigation and ethical standards required by his organization in order to work with them. I have entrusted 783 cases to date to American Loss Mitigation Consortium underwriting operation over the past 52 months and have been very impressed at the level of professionalism. American Loss Mitigation Consortium, does straight forward underwriting, no recruiting, selling schemes. I was convinced that American Loss Mitigation Consortium will be around for another 23 years.

    American Loss Mitigation Consortium worked for my firm, and I am happy to share my experience with anyone who is considering starting a loss mitigation practice and looking for the best training.

    Mr. Dan Schultz of American Loss Mitigation Consortium can be reached at their website www.lossmitigationcareers.com.

    R.Taylor, PC

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