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Thread: The M.O.M team

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    The M.O.M team

    anyone heard of M.O.M team work for home business for moms. I contacted them and they will only give info over phone which will take 30 mins. She couldn't even tell me what the business is based upon. website they do have is www.momsthatmakemoney.com

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    Re: The M.O.M team

    I think they are a MLM associated wih Meleluca, its one of those MLM comanies like Amway, Avon, where you sell and recruite members .....not necessairly a SCAM, but it is a MLM see postings on Work at home / home based business i think

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    Re: The M.O.M team

    Or do a search on Melaleuca here... and you can google them with the word [scam] following it. I don't suggest that the company is a scam, but by using the word in brackets, sometimes you get a whole lot more info than just search the company name by it's self.
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