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    How is that surge working??

    About as well as the rest of the Bush Major up in Iraq!!


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    Re: How is that surge working??

    Abu Iman barely flinched when the Iraqi Government ordered his unit of special police to move against al-Mahdi Army fighters in Basra.

    His response, while swift, was not what British and US military trainers who have spent the past five years schooling the Iraqi security forces would have hoped for. He and 15 of his comrades took off their uniforms, kept their government-issued rifles and went over to the other side without a second thought.

    Such turncoats are the thread that could unravel the British Armys policy in southern Iraq. The military hoped that local forces would be able to combat extremists and allow the Army to withdraw gradually from the battle-scarred and untamed oil city that has fallen under the sway of Islamic fundamentalists, oil smugglers and petty tribal warlords. But if the British taught the police to shoot straight, they failed to instil a sense of unwavering loyalty to the State.

    We know the outcome of the fighting in advance because we already defeated the British in the streets of Basra and forced them to withdraw to their base, Abu Iman told The Times.
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    If we go back a bit, everyone remembers the fight with the US in Najaf and the damage and defeat we inflicted on them. Do you think the Iraqi Army is better than those armies? We are right and the Government is wrong. {Nouri al} Maliki {the Iraqi Prime Minister} is driving his Government into the ground.

    The reason for his apparent switch of sides was simple: the 36-year-old was already a member of the al-Mahdi Army which, like other militias, has massively infiltrated the British-trained police force in the southern oil city. He claimed that hundreds of others from the 16,000-strong force have also defected to the rebels ranks.Abu Iman joined the new Iraqi police force after the invasion, joining the Mugawil, a special police unit infamous for brutality, kidnapping and sectarian murders.


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    Re: How is that surge working??

    This belongs on TOP where more people can have the access to read this, when the articles go on the second page, no one seems able to search the other articles. So there you go. Up there!

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