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    Unstoppable Publishing/James Strong

    We received something in the mail, today, from Kent Sayre. This guy, James Strong, has a "New Money Millionaire" way of making money. I have not read the booklet, yet, but my boyfriend has. Has anyone heard of this?


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    Re: Unstoppable Publishing/James Strong

    Kent Sayre website

    I was laughing really hard reading how he teaches you to hypnotize people during transactions.

    On top it, all signs of scam.

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    Re: Unstoppable Publishing/James Strong

    I would think that a hypnotist would have to have some kind of medical degree. I remember being a kid in middle school and talking with other boys my age about hypnotists who have helped youngsters overcome shyness. Whoever those hynoptists were had to have gone to medical school and earned a degree to know what they know about that sort of thing. If this James Strong and Kent Sayre don't have medical degrees, then their make money programs are probably not for real.

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    Re: Unstoppable Publishing/James Strong

    What I can tell you about Kent Sayre is this, 17 months ago I invested $999.00
    in his company Unstoppable Marketing and I could participate by invitation only or sit back and let hm make money for me. The problem is he talks big profits but delivers small returns. After 12 months he asked for $999.00 more to continue making big profits. I refused but to date, I've Invested big and my returns have been less then impressive, $47.70 which didn't start till the 5th month. Basically Mr Sayre talks the talk but does not walk the walk and I won't be reinvesting. Also he call investors, customers but I bought a line of BS and also received a book I never ordered, supposedly free which gave me information already known to me. So invest at your own risk.:::

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