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    Friends tell me if this is a scam.I'm puzzled

    Here is the detail,give me some suggestion.
    I met a man on internet who wrote an e mail to me.
    He said he is an US man in UK, opened a bar and what to do some business in China.
    He wants to open a bar in my country and have to send a box of plate and spoon and some little presents to China first,and wants my address so I can do him a favor to keep it,so when he come to China on March 27 he doesn't have to take much stuff.

    I think it looks like a scam,coz I only know him for several days,no reason,
    His e mail address wasn't fake but when he was calling me,the signal was really bad ,and he hided his number.

    It looks like a scam very much,but how does the scam go?
    I'm lost.
    Dear friends,help me,have you ever heard of such kind of scam before?

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    Re: Friends tell me if this is a scam.I'm puzzled

    mmm, there are many different scams out there. Your instincts are right and this is a scam. In my research, i have come accross the mailing address scam. This is how it works.

    The victim gives the scammer their address. The scammer uses stolen credit cards/numbers to purchase many expensive things and have them sent to the victim's address. The victim innocently holds onto these stolen goods until a third party can collect them, or the scammer may ask the victim to forward them the goods. In the end, if it doesnt work out, the trail leads to your address, with your signature as the person who has accepted all these goods. In the meantime, the scammer is living it up in Nigeria/China will state of the art luxuries courtesy of you and the credit card companies.
    At first, i would say he has mentioned his fake line of business to make u feel comfortable receiving the plates for him. But before you know it, he will prob want to "send over (wink-wink)" a 58" LCD HD TV or something. And will try n send as much expensive stuff as possible.

    Anyways, i hope that has helped you!!!

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    Re: Friends tell me if this is a scam.I'm puzzled

    One of the first scams that I nearly fell for was a woman wanting us to live in her house in the San Diego area (where we were looking to find a new apartment) and take care of the money for her furniture business. Everything seemed to check out, and so we "took the job". She was really trying to rush us through the whole thing.. We soon figured out that it was a bonefied scam as soon as the first check came in. It didn't even have the typical watermark to show that it was an authentic check. Needless to say, we were out no money and didn't get in any legal trouble, but the point is that if it seems to good to be true, just say no. Even when things seem to check out, just say no. Especially when it comes down to dealing with someone who can't meet you in person, and wants to do business overseas. There are ways that they can do what they requested from you by themselves. Don't be fooled.:Always make sure to check out the BBB if you ever have any doubts (if possible) don't just trust a symbol on a website that says that they're BBB certified. If they truely are, then it will show on the BBB report.

    Needless to say, I've been very very cautious to join up with anything since then. Even though we were out no money, we realize that people are crappy enough to do this to other people just to make a quick buck.
    So if you guys have had any REAL luck with online programs, pm me and let me know the details.

    Please and Thank you!

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    Re: Friends tell me if this is a scam.I'm puzzled

    Thank you very much for your reply,I have already turned that guy down.
    You are right, he has no reason to let a stranger keep his stuff.I was willing to help him coz my town really lack a coffee bar. Youths don't have place to drink coffee or chat with friend.So I once believed him and wanted him to open a bar in my town.I was really stupid.
    You are totaly right, that sure was a scam.
    Today,Jerry told me a Mr Mooris will take the box to my city,so a man called Morris called me and asked me 1550 yuan to pay for the tax of Chinese custom. Ah~ha!I finally found out how the scam works.Throw all the other details away, a man just want me to put money in his account.
    Does it make sense?Hum....maybe it do works this way.

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