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    Chemical Trails Verses Contrails

    Does anyone know anything about the so-called conspiracy theory that the US Government is manipulating the weather by dumping barium from unmarked white jets?

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    Re: Chemical Trails Verses Contrails

    My opinion is that there is nothing to this RUMOR. Some people are proflierating this idea for some odd reasons, mostly because they must want to upset people and get attention.
    The white contrails we all see in the sky is as a result of the exhaust from jet aircraft engines in areas that are cold enough to freeze the mosture in the exhaust and produce ice crystals. I doubt this has no any sort of influence on the weather. There are other things humans are doing that are much worse than this.
    However, it is possible that hydrocarbons from combusted jet fuel may have an effect on the ozone layer which is contributing to global warming. But the automobile is probably the worst offender in this regard.

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