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Thread: Heal Zoo?!?!

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    Heal Zoo?!?!

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone ever heard of Heal Zoo, www.healzoo.com? I think you may be able to work for this company, but I'm not researching it to work for them, I'm researching to see if their products really work for weight loss. I didnt know where else to post this without a quick response. Please forgive me if I've made a mistake. I just really want to know...prior to me purchashing any of their products.

    Thanks to all!

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    Re: Heal Zoo?!?!

    You really should have put a "warning" label on that post... I WAS eating lunch :crazy1:

    Sorry.. no real facts here.. Im of the persuasion that says the only real way to lose weight and keep it off is portion control and exercise.. I don't believe in all the "the best and easiest".

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    Re: Heal Zoo?!?!

    You know what, I really do apologize Ms. Katie, ha. I forgot the first thing that appeared on the website was extremely gross, :yelcutelaughA:....my apologies!

    Oh okay, thanks for the response. It's funny how I can always count on you to respond so quickly even if you do or do not have any knowledge of the non-s.c.a.m. or pure s.c.a.m.s.

    Thanks hun!!!

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    Re: Heal Zoo?!?!

    Beware if heal zoo!!!
    This site is a SCAM. These bastards have stole my before and after pictures and posted them on thier site.
    Check it out please REPOST and beware of their fraudulate behavior!
    Hell After this I am going to take down all my photos because God knows who else is stealing my before and afters and trying to make a buck off of me or any of my photos for that matter! Sick!

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    Re: Heal Zoo?!?!

    I don't know about the pics but their products really worked out for me. I love ZooBurn it really gives me energy to get through my workouts. I am a single mother and I have 2 children and a full time job so I needed a boost. And I have also tried the FatFlush and It gets you going in the bathroom. I have been using the program at HealZoo for a few months now and I have lost over 20 lbs. If I were using the program like recommended nutrition wise, I would have probably lost more. So yes, the products do work!! and the added cherry on top is that the exercise and nutrition program is free. I highly recommend them. :judges:

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    Re: Heal Zoo?!?!

    I'm goin' to hafta borrow that "Everytime You Necropost, God Kills A Kitten" .gif from nomaxim...

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