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    Profitable Capital

    9% daily profit if you invest 50-100K dollars :rryumy: Line up for this one morons with money !!!


    This is somehow linked to the Profitable Group which ran the infamous "Buy UK land" ESPN adverts across Asia before their UK company selling the land got closed by regulators.

    I liked this rule very much:-

    You declare that you are not in any official capacity relative to your involvement in ventures with Profitable Capital, a member, agent, informant, or employee of any kind of investigative, law enforcement, media, news, postal service or other government agencies within any country. [or anyone who might find out its a scam]

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    Re: Profitable Capital

    Why double post ?

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    Re: Profitable Capital

    i want to know about them are they SPAM or not. do i invest with them .

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    Re: Profitable Capital

    i want to invest few dollars. please advice me where i invest and can get good profits.

    please reply me.

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    Re: Profitable Capital

    Dear Friends,

    You are not repling about PROFITABLE CAPITAL GROUP. one thing about this group i want to share with you that They are saying that they will insured your money for no loss. if you invest 1000 USD so they will send a Contract Latter regarding insured after 5 days.

    i am bit confuse, whether to work with them or not ? please advice me i need help from your side....

    ARE THEY SCAMMMM...........
    they are offering 2.0% profit each day on investmnet on 1000 USD ....

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    Re: Profitable Capital

    Yes. Its a HYIP/Ponzi scam. How stupid are you ? They are using fake information about ESPN and Ratepoint. Profitable Group claim they have stolen their name as well. http://www.profitablegroup.com/

    You may not be able to read the Profitable Group news announcement in some countries because they block or change access to their site from certain territories as well. We can only speculate why.

    Why in any event would you believe in a return of 2% per day from strangers on the internet when your own bank is only offering 4% per year ? ? Even if they can make that why do you think they would give it back to you ?

    I bet you believe in magic pixies and elves as well.

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    Re: Profitable Capital

    thanks my dear friend.. basically i did forex in my past life and i bear huge loses becuase i am not good trader.. so these all plans are relating to forex so i thought they might be rite. ... anywazz can you help me regarding forex. means how can i trade well.. or do i buy some signals ?
    what you suggest me ... i want to do a part time job ...

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    Re: Profitable Capital

    Hello! I think you should continue doing forex. Yоu just need sоme more new knowledge. For example, look at https://topbrokers.com/forex-blog Thеre yоu cаn find а lоt оf usеful infоrmation аnd it will give in impetus to you аnd your prоgress.

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