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Thread: Scam alert

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    Scam alert

    I got several phone calls from a phone number, the caller identified himself as "Erik Lawson" but he had a very thick Indian accent, he stated that I have won $500.00 from the Government, and he said it was for my tax return. I hung up, he called me several more times. Oh I missed several calls from a different number but when I tried to call back though it said that the number was non working. I then tried to call the other number back and it also said that it was a nonworking number. I had to change my phone number because of the harrassment. Let me tell you this is very frustrating.

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    Re: Scam alert

    Well, as you know, the government has outsourced many jobs here in the USA. You ever get a call for your CREDIT CARD... well the people calling you LIVE and WORK in INDIA.... JOBS that should be kept in the USA are going to INDIA for cheaper wages... So I was thinking.... this man could of been from INDIA.... he has your phone number and he could of used some type of phone over there... and I would not know how that works. Like a bogus phone number and like a bogus email. That is what I am thinking it is. What do you think? That was awful how that NUT kept on harrassing you like that. And now days, people will call and say on the phone need halp with your MORTGAGE? and you do not even own the home, you just rent!

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