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    ERAI-A Trade network who promote piracy

    ERAI is all set to gear up Chinese flea market vendors to put under its trading network.

    If you google ,one can find many flea market vendors who sell heaps of counterfeits and sanded parts who are ERAI & brokerforum members ! :zx11pissed:

    ... World's most counterfeit product comes from Shenzhen, a city near Hongkong, which is nucleus of counterfeiting activity. Untrained workers and children in city streets remove components from old boards and sort them in the sun and the rain with bare hands.

    Products are displayed in huge bins along block after block of city streets: a gigantic electronics flea market.

    Most of these flea market vendors have acquired membership of trading network like ERAI (erai.com) run by Kristal Snider, The Brokerforum (brokerforum.com), which render them help to market e-garbage all over world. :crazy1:

    There are many big companies in USA buy from this port city. Besides one can witness hot discussion of counterfeit trading (buying & selling) on brokerlynx.net (run by owners of Oxygen electronics).

    No wonder hundreds of American brokers trading this repacked e-waste with ISO9001, ERAI, IDEA-1010 and other certifications while attending many symposiums, anti-counterfeiting workshops to keep authorities on run.

    We are witnessing sea change in our lives with counterfeit, pirated goods through major networks in Western world. Most of these transactions are illegal because non of export from China is officially validated, since every merchandise of this nature leave the country with under billing.
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    Re: ERAI-A Trade network who promote piracy

    There is one more company which goes by few name who are mediators and link for Chinese counterfeits from Shenzhen to America, this guy who is Canadian living in China from last seven years trying to fulfill north American demand of cheaper and spurious semiconductors

    electronic component exchange.

    Electronic Component Exchange Ltd.
    Level 39, One Exchange Square, 8 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong.
    www.ecescrow.com, www.ecvault.com, www.ecround-table.com
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    Re: ERAI-A Trade network who promote piracy

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    cstores Guest

    Re: ERAI-A Trade network who promote piracy

    A counterfeit military part sold/marketed by ERAI network.

    part : UA702HMQB
    original mfr: fairchild

    Trade codes and labels are faked by ERAI network member and openly traded in North America. This network is run by Kristal snider and Mark Snider.

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    cstores Guest

    Re: ERAI-A Trade network who promote piracy

    Learn more about booming counterfeiting trade in North America.
    unfortunately USA is biggest consumer of counterfeit electronic components than any other country in the world:


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