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    What's the Deal?

    For quite some time now I have noticed that when I attempt to access this website, I am steered to "Google" instead. There, I am "entangled" in giving choices of places that are similiar to this site, but none yields the results.
    It seem that Google is intentionally hijacking web attempt to go to other site than theirs in order that they can demonstrate more traffic hits. That is about ALL that I can figure that they are doing this.
    There is a lot of crap being promoted on the internet by these businesses treating the internet like it is their property. I think it is about time that there is some investigation into these practices, some people being prosecuted and given some prison time.
    Talk about scammers, trolls and the likes - these businesses have become the worst!

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    Re: What's the Deal?

    That sure is errie, that your server would bring you into a tangled web to eeeewwwww google. hey you know google if you do a search with them they keep what you searched for in their files forever and if you have an email service with them, they keep all your emails forever. talk about being a spy, google is spies YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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