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    Rhino Associates, Wayne MI

    Has anyone heard of Rhino Associates of Wayne, MI.,? Their flyer announces that they are holding merchandise for you, however, immediate action is required to claim this pre-paid merchandise. I checked Google who states they are possible process servers. Upon checking yellow pages, not listed. Anyone who knows anything about this company, please advise. After becoming panicky about p. s. I noticed several neighbors have the same flyer stuck in their doors. Would appreciate any info. Thank you.:frustrated:

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    Re: Rhino Associates, Wayne MI

    :bunny:Hey now big deal but I am glad you asked since I just received the same insert in my door. Rhino Associates sells Kirby vacuums. They probably want to give you brochures and materials on their product. Since it's so expensive these days to mail complete brochures to uninterested prospects I believe they are trying to narrow down their field of opportunity. It's a good product...I just can't afford one right now.

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    Re: Rhino Associates, Wayne MI

    Yes I have heard Or Rhino Associates, And to be for real with ya its not a scam I know some one I know works for them and they do indeed sell vac.. and the do work preet damn good how do i now this I own one and it works way better then my old vac

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    Re: Rhino Associates, Wayne MI

    if Rhino Associates is leaving false or misleading messages for you, that is a clue not to do business with them.

    Kirby requires that you practice your sales pitch on your own family, then pressure them to buy, and they get a special discount because they are related to the salesman. that's usually the only sale a salesman makes before he quits, unless he tricks some 90 year old widow who just needed somebody to talk to.

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    Re: Rhino Associates, Wayne MI

    I actually have an oppurtunity to work for them but it's not for selling vacuums but setting up displays in different locations. I'm kinda nervous though because I've never done anything like this before.

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    Re: Rhino Associates, Wayne MI

    I had deal with this company four years ago. My company https://www.linksmanagement.com/ bought a vacuum. Rhino Associates provides good service, low price and guarantee. I will use this service again.

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