New Fly-By-Night Company inside Canada.
Take care from ACE ONE INCORPORATED Ontario/Canada, I was scammed by Ace One Recruitment, this is Canadian Company located in Ontario/Canada.
They send email by job offer with a great salary ,and ask applicaint to send 1500 -2000 USD as a process fees.
They always call their victim and send him a lot of emails to hurry up for sending money; they only accept Western Union transfer.
Someone of them receive this money ,his name Jason Wallace
Here is their info to avoid them
Emails-1: he is president of Ace One Inc.
Email-2: , he is Technical Recruiter of Ace One Inc.
Head Office
1920 Yonge Street. Suit 200
Toronto, Ontario
M4S 3E2
Phone Number

Durham Office

1305 Pickering Parkway Suite 300
Ontario L1V 1B8
Phone Number

Don't trust with their job offer and donít send them any fee because they are attract their victim from another country.
Be careful from ACE ONE INCORPORATED or Ace One Recruitment Canada ,you will find a lot of free websites shows their jobs ,but all these site is free.