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    Dan sela salsa frauds

    a year ago I was a victim of a fraud in Lima, Per˙ as were many other people who paid for a salsa congress that never happened. This fraudster Dan Sela's MO is to promote salsa congresses that never take place with the promise of big name participants who have no knowledge of him.

    He also made a packet on a salsa centre scam in ********, a robotics company scam in UK and a dancing shoes scam in Canada.

    His websites have been taken down by his ISP due to their use for fraud but he is still promoting CON-gresses in South America, another ******** scam and he is trying to get into Miami (he's an israeli with french nationality through marriage and I believe a UK passport too.

    Much of the information is on this site http://www.justlanded.com/english/Sp...an-in-******** which I unfortunately found too late.

    When people try to publicise his frauds they get subjected to a hate and smear campaign as I have - not that that will stop me!

    Do NOT give him money as you lose it.

    If anyone needs more info I have a ton of it, I have posted my genuine email etc, I have no use for anonymity as I have nothing to hide and Sela's threats don't scare me.

    To the originators of this site THANK YOU - it is needed :)

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    Re: Dan sela salsa frauds

    eeerm how did I get all that large text and all those asterisks????
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