My fiancee and I fell for **********vacations scam. They called my fiancee and told him that he signed up to win a car and won a vacation for two to orlando,reno or las vegas. We were skeptical at first but decided what could it hurt to go in right? wrong!!! we sat there for five hours!!!no joke, we kept telling them no then we gave in then we were about to sign and even gave them the credit card. Then we both looked at each other and told them no we changed our mind. They then said ok well we will send you over to get your prize vacation and it was on again. They took us in this room with this guy who acted like he was going to give us our prize and started his pitch like he was totally another company from them and he acted like he would offer us another package more reasonable.Well, as you could imagin we were tired by now and had a long trip back home (about an hour drive) so we kinda gave in. we sign up for 1000.00 down. they would take off 500. from my credit card in a few days and then we would be financed the rest of the thousand dollars and then we would have to pay 99.00 a year and 499.00 per vacation. we though maybe we could use it we have 4 kids. they told us 6 could fit comfortable in all there condos. lie!!!!! we then looked up a few days later the condos, they had no pull out beds like they said in many of the condos. so what would happen when we got there with 6 of us? only two would of had a place to sleep. Also we noticed 75% of the time you have extra fees for peak season. we made sure that we took all money off the debit card so they couldnt charge us. we don't know what to do they pretty much scamed us into falling for this. We don't even know what else we don't know about this vacation scam other than what you guys have been saying. Now we are probably lieable for this money which we can't afford. Does anyone know what a couple could do? Can we cancel or are we obligated?

Thanx Andrea and Gary