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Thread: EZ Cash Flyer

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    EZ Cash Flyer

    Has anyone heard of or have any experience with the EZ Cash Flyer? Sounds way too good to be true of course. Really would like to hear some feedback.:freak3:

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    Re: EZ Cash Flyer

    My first guess is that it's one of those chain letter schemes but it could be any number of things.. Do I BELIEVE that you are going to make the kind of money he is talking about from sending out a flyer? NO..

    Another thought is that you send out a flyer advertising his program and as an affiliate you get part of the $40.. again.. not the kind of money he is promising in my opinion.

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    Re: EZ Cash Flyer

    Thanks - Do you have any experiecen witht he avoid-work-at-home-scams.com link that I got from this website?

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    Re: EZ Cash Flyer

    the avoid scams links that you got from the ezflyer website?

    I don't.. I research and post about scams on my own websites and haven't had anyone complain that I have led them astray.

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    Re: EZ Cash Flyer

    Seems to be a get rich quick scheme

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    Re: EZ Cash Flyer

    yes i tried ez cash flyer. I bought the flyer for 39.99. Ordered a leads package of people who supposedly are interesting and waiting to buy leads(the 100 leads package) for 29.99. NOT ONE PERSON RESPONDED!!!! A waste of my 40.00 bucks!!!

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    Re: EZ Cash Flyer

    Sorry to hear that. You should have gone with your original gut feeling of "it sounds to good to be true.". If it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

    Always ask yourself this question when evaluating opportunities like this. "If I could really make so much money from this program, why would they only be charging me $39.99?"

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