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    Need Some Help! Please?

    I'm new to network markerting and I keep hearing that forum marketing is a great way to promote my opportunity. Can anyone out there share with me some great forums I can use to make posts about my opportunity? Any help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Need Some Help! Please?

    Network Marketing and MLM they are the same, eh?! All I know you can go to the MLM forums and the like, they say scams but you go over there and post your messages there. I know that these type of jobs only the TOP PEOPLE make an affordable living, but most people struggle. I suppose this is not the PLACE to advertise your business. But you should look for forums and advertising places to advertise your so-called Network Marketing. Use your brains, well not being rude, but use your brains and find advertising, there are lots of free places to advertise! Bon Appetite!

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