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Thread: shopper scam

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    shopper scam

    I Received A Letter From The Company Apex Consumer Research Inc. Along With A Check That Looks Real. It Gives You The Instructions On What To Do Including Depositing The Check Into Your Personal Banking Account. And They Tell You That The Check Will Clear In Two Days. That Is A Lie. I Deposit The Check Into My Account On Tuesday, My Bank Called Me That Wednesday Morning, Asked Me If I Knew The Check Was Real, I Said I Guess So, So The Manager Told Me It Was A Counterfeit Check. So Beware Of This Company Apex Consumer Research Inc. Reminder: The Check Will Have Consolidated Pipe& Supply Co. On The Check. It Is A Good Thing My Bank Caught The Phony Check Just In Time.
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    Re: shopper scam

    One thing to note: It may not have really been a check from Apex. It could be linked to a new bank account somewhere in the world. The guts of the Scam are that they use the banking information on the transaction record.

    With that information they can set up an automatic withdrawl payment plan and pay themselves exorbidant amounts of cash until you or your bank notices. By then they will have taken the cash and closed the account.

    I'm actually supprised that the didn't ask you to western union some overpayment back to them.

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