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Thread: Teaching Works

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    Teaching Works

    Just wanted to report a scam here. A company name Teaching Works from Taiwan victimized Filipino artists and writers. A Filipino named Sigfried Catalan hired professional artists and writers to do book projects. His bestfriend Arleen Quien who works at Teaching Works from Taiwan is his direct contact. After the artists and writers sent the full and finished book layout, the company never contacted again the Filipino talents. It's really hard to accept that they rob the talents of the Filipinos. After they got what they need, they never pay. This Taiwan company is a scam. They rob the artists from a third world country. So be careful to work with SIGFRIED CATALAN and ARLEEN QUIEN and taiwan company. These are scammers!!

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    Re: Teaching Works

    What is the url of the website

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    Re: Teaching Works

    they don't have website. checked it very late. stupid. they only use yahoo email account.they victimized professors/writers from st. benilde.very clever.Sig Catalan refer to us via a friend so we have confiidence. but before taking the CD, he closed his apartment at QC and settled back to pampanga (as if anticipating).till now, no communication and no payment after receiving and sending the CD to Taiwan.

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    Re: Teaching Works

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