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    Chihuahuas for sale

    It happens that some people are triyng to sell different kinds of puppies through internet. Ive detected 2 different e-mails [email protected] and [email protected] that are trying to scam people on the internet. Im portuguese but in Portugal There isnt any site to post scams so thank you.

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    Re: Chihuahuas for sale

    Thanks for posting, majobe. Do you have any emails from the scammers?

    A shout-out to anyone who may be looking for a pet: If you can't meet the animal before you pay for it, don't buy. I can't imagine why anyone would buy a pet sight unseen (what if it's sick or vicious?), but pet scams are pretty common lately.
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    Re: Chihuahuas for sale

    Do you still sell puppies?

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    Re: Chihuahuas for sale

    Chihuahuas are very cute. This is my wife's favorite dog breed. When I first gave her a Chihuahua puppy, she was in heaven with joy. Now she pays all attention only to the dog. I'm even a little offended about this. She bought her various devices, such as the automatic feeder, dog camera, dog tracker and the rest. And she only does that all day long she runs after the dog or watches her from the office.

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    Re: Chihuahuas for sale

    Woooow, chihuahuas are so cuuute, love them very much!! When I was given this little marvel, I had no idea how to feed my puppy. Thanks God, Ive found this article on the best dog food for small breed puppies https://petstiger.com/best-dog-food-...breed-puppies/ . Im sure it will be useful for future owners)))

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