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    Asian Check Fraud

    I have searched forums and have not found anything on this so I thought it would be a wise decision to post this. I have been scammed (thank goodness no money was taken before I figured it out!), but I am hoping that no one else falls for this. These people are targeting both individuals and business owners, which is why I was sought out. I own a collection agency and therefore thought nothing of it (in the beginning) when a company tried to retain my services of a past due customer. After a month of back and forth emails and phone calls (yes, I actually SPOKE with these people on the phone almost every other day on the phone) before finally figuring out this was a scam.
    This is the letter that I initially received:
    Northlink Industrial Limited
    Suite 1708, 17/F
    Hoi Tai Factory Estate
    Kin Fat Street Tuen Mun, New territories
    Hong Kong.
    Telephone : (+852)-3180-7277 (Head-Office)
    Telephone : (+86)-21310-01824 (Shanghai Office)
    Fax : (+852)-3017-0261

    Attention :

    Good day to you and thank you very much for your acknowledgement email and we are very positive that your services will be beneficial to our business venture.

    You may view our website to intimate yourself with our organization and products, http://www.cchangicorps.com/ or http://www.alibaba.com/company/11061984.html

    After a careful research, we have been able to establish that delinquents or past due accounts are settled when reputable and aggressive firm or professional represents an organization in the collection of debts or possible litigation that may arise thereof.

    My proposal is solely based on our need for your services to initiate a reduction in time and cost of doing business as well as serve as our financial services representative in United States for the collection of all payments from delinquent accounts and/or all other payments from our customers as it shall be outlined in our memorandum of understanding. We are currently planning of establishing a sales office officially in the United States in the nearest possible future and we will appreciate your professional expertise if you can fully advise us and work out the modalities and necessary framework for us.

    My strategy is to avoid the wait time for international monetary transaction between Asia and United States, which has posed as a major delays or obstacles in business transactions with my clients.

    To give you a better understanding of what your responsibilities will be as our representative, it is important that you understand some difficulties we are faced with presently in receiving funds from customers in United States; in most cases some don't fully fulfill their obligation in terms of payment. At the moment we are willing to take them to court if they don't settle within a certain period, once your services as our representative in the United States is retained, and necessary agreement has been signed by both parties.

    If you require a retainer fee or hourly billing we are ready to work with you, as you will be also entitled a percentage of payment received or collected from delinquent account. The percentage will vary based on the mode of settlement, if it was in or out of court settlement.

    There are and have been cases of clients with delinquent accounts, and we were mostly incapacitated due to international legal boundaries to exert pressure on such clients or commence litigation in such cases. This normally results in very late or non payments in some cases from customers.

    Most payments for equipments are drawn in checks and it takes approximately four weeks for checks from other continents to clear with our local banks. These delays mostly result in our late response to orders and we sometimes loose clients to other suppliers.

    Lastly, we experience high tariffs and foreign exchange charges as funds will have to be converted by our banks to local currencies as they are cleared with our banks and re-converted to foreign currency as we place orders for supplies from our international suppliers. As you can see, the back and forth process of currency conversion, results in high charges for foreign exchange thereby resulting to increase in cost of doing business.

    Your services will be;

    1. Provide consultation and professional advise in cases of customers with delinquent payments.

    2. Receive the said funds of past due accounts and keep in a trust account on our behalf until the funds are required by our company.

    We propose that cases of clients with delinquent account and past due payments will be billed on a case by case bases and let us know your retainer fee or charge for any funds received by you for regular payment on behalf of Northlink Industrial Limited.

    I do hope this is acceptable to you. Upon receipt of your acceptance, our board will sit and go through the contract you shall write, before a final decision to retain your services. I will update you on how we may proceed and open negotiation for remuneration accordingly.

    It is imperative that you respond immediately as time is of the essence and we are poised to engage your services with immediate effect. The difference in time zones between Hong Kong (Mainland China) and the U.S (Eastern Time) is 13 hours. You may call if you wish, I shall stay up late to enable me speak to you. I shall endeavor to call you during your regular business hours. But in all, kindly let me know in your next correspondence the most appropriate time to call you based on your time zone.

    Please accept my sincerest appreciation for your willingness to render your services as we look forward to your prompt response to my email.

    Please treat as urgent.

    Best Regards,
    L. Lui Chang
    Northlink Industrial Limited

    This e-mail message (including attachments, if any) is confidential and may be privileged. Any unauthorized distribution or disclosure is prohibited. Disclosure to anyone other than the intended recipient does not constitute waiver of privilege. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify us and delete it along with any attachment(s) from your computer system and records.

    Now as you can see, there are no grammatical errors, no misspelled words, etc. My husband is a software architect and therefore extrememly knowledgeable on seeking out information via the internet. We looked everywhere (or so we thought) in order to find information, and eventually assumed everything was in order.

    After the "president" of the company sent me the information to contact his "customer," things became strange. When I called the customer, he answered every extension listed in the call menu, his address for his company with a suite # proved to be a residence, and there is NO information on the net about his company. Still, there could have been reasonable explanations, and also neither "company" had asked me for ANY money at this time, so I continued on with the venture. I received two checks in the mail yesterday to pay off his "debt." I went to the bank and sat down with my rep, who immediately told me that they were too thin. As he could not get a hold of anyone at the number of the "bank" listed on the check, I went home to try myself, refusing to cash the checks. The bank's network was down so he sent a copy of the checks to their own fraud department. I called the number on the check and a woman answered. She was very good (haha); she read me the first couple numbers on all the key compartments on the check and told me it was good. Still skeptical, I called the real bank 800 number that was listed on the check. This woman verified that it was, in fact, a bogus check because the serial number had been cashed 12 months prior. The two men have continued to call me for the last 24 hours, still trying to get me to cash the checks. Now I was taken because I am in the exact business that they asked me to do. I thought nothing of it when they asked me to debt recovery, because this is what I do!

    But here is a copy of the letter where they target individuals:
    (I found this on the internet)
    Tokiwa Building 29th floor 3-8,
    Nihonbashi Hongokucho 3-chome,
    Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0044 ,Japan.
    Email:[email protected]

    This mail is serving as an invitation to treat with the above named
    company. Our company was established in May 1, 2002. Over the years we
    accumulated invaluable experience in our business and we are proud to
    we are second to none.

    Due to the increase in demand of our products in America and Canada,
    we have decided to move our products fully into the continent of
    America &
    Europe. By so doing,we are searching for reliable persons/companies who
    act as a RECEIVING PAYMENT AGENT who will act as medium of reach
    between our
    customers and us in their area of locality.

    Note that, if finally aprroved as our Representative, you are entitled
    to an annual income of $24,000USD and 5% of whatever amount you
    receive from customers who are making payments for outstanding invoices
    behalf of the company. Our account officer in Japan will convey to you
    the medium which you will use to remit any funds received on our
    If you are interested in being a REPRESENTATIVE AGENT in the above
    location and your locality, please fill out this form below:

    JAPAN VAM & POVAL CO., LTD. Receiving Payment Agent account Form

    Title : Ms Mr Mrs Dr: ......................................
    First Name: ..................................................
    Surname: .................................................. ..
    Age: 25-35 36-45 46-55 55+ : .......................
    Relevant Experience: ....................................
    Company Name & Background: ......................
    Company Name: ..........................................
    Your Monthly Income: ..................................
    Residential Address: .....................................
    Phone: .................................................. .....
    Fax: .................................................. .........
    Email: .................................................. .......
    Do you have an exclusive relationship with another Japan based company?
    YES /NO: .................................................. ..

    Please also let us know the best time to reach you on phone especially
    as we have a difference in time. Thank you for your time.


    Familiar huh?

    My husband found four sites today that are almost identical to the one that was provided for me (www.cchangicorps.com)

    It is an excellent scam they have going. Almost everything checks out until you REALLY start digging. Thankfully I did not lose any money; I hope no one else actually does!

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    Re: Asian Check Fraud

    Thanks for the warning

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    Re: Asian Check Fraud

    I figure a few hundred newsletters should keep our scammer friend busy with interesting reading for a bit.

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    Re: Asian Check Fraud

    I, too, own a collection agency and thought nothing of Mr. Chang's email. Thanks for your post!

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    Re: Asian Check Fraud

    I am so glad I put it on then!
    It does look as though the pier components website is legitimate and that the others were copied from it.

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    Re: Asian Check Fraud

    Did you report anything to the authorities?

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    Re: Asian Check Fraud

    I have reported it to the FDIC, FTC, and my bank has copies of everything in case they try to repeat with them. Any other suggestions of where else to report? I want to do as much as possible....

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    Re: Asian Check Fraud

    My law firm was contacted by Beta Machine Tools with the same exact email and website. They even agreed to an hourly fee for the services and the payment of a $5,000 retainer. What took it over the top was their desire to send me $20,000. Further, they mentioned Northlink Industries in an email which appeared to be a typo or leftover from an email template. When checking this company out, I came across the same exact website as Beta Machine Tools but with a different address. Then I found this web site and the game was over. I sent them an email advising them to contact the FTC for help with their past due accounts and worthless checks!

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